7.03am governs our life, 3 days a week (this week it is 4).

Without 7.03am, I am completely sure that my life would delve further into chaos.

7.03am is the magical time that we need to be out of the house in order for the work-day ritual to play out and to provide that little sense of control I need to get by.

7.03am we pull out of the driveway in a spin; 7.05am I kiss Little Mate goodbye (with lots of smiles and blowing of kisses); 7.06am Giggles Magoo is practically bursting out of his car seat waiting for me to kiss him. Even though it is goodbye for the day, he thrives off this ritual. 7.07am I’m bounding up the stairs of the railway station in time to catch my express train to the city for work, Grimace taking the boys to care and then it’s onwards to work too.

I sometimes marvel at our ability to get two miniature humans dressed, breakfasted and out the door by 7.03am. They may be covered in toothpaste/oats/texta/whateverrandomthingthey’vetouched, BUT nonetheless, I sometimes think if I can achieve getting them out of the house, I can achieve anything and potentially take over the world. I mean, what an achievement, right?!

But then I remember, just about every parent does it all the bleeting time…which is in a way why I sorted of wanted to post this. A little reflection always helps perspective, right??

Some mornings we fly through the get up/breakfast/dressed/teeth/toilet routine, but more often than not there are tears and protestations from both boys – I get it, it is early and no one ever wants to be rushed around before you’ve had a chance to settle into your own skin for the day.

I also know that the protestations are attempts by the boys to procrastinate just a little longer and spend some more time with us. I normally try and remember they are craving our love and attention; a connection. And I always intend to remain patient. But most days, a little irritation or anger creeps in to my mindset – the ever-present “we’re going to be late” has a power like no other. And when it hits, it is seemingly impossible to block the rage and frustration you feel. I am getting better at it; and have discovered new ways to work through the feelings to prevent a situation neither family member wants. I find when I want the morning routine to work ‘right’ and be conflict free, I’m being lazy. I just want complicity as I can’t be bothered to find a ‘fun’ solution – my nearly 4 year old should just get my adult priorities. Ha ha yep – when will they invent that font for sarcasm??

I know many of you play out the same scenario on a daily basis too:

“Come on, it’s time to put your shoes on. Could you please put your shoes on”

“Put your shoes on!”

“Okay, if you won’t put your shoes on, you’ll just have to go to school without any shoes” (which we all know isn’t true; why do we say such silly things?!)

“Come here Mate, do you want me to put your shoes on? OK, You should just ask if you want my help”.

Giggles Magoo somedays just flat out refuses to get out of bed. This morning included said refusal  and my anxiety at making the train was starting to sky rocket – we were already late due to an ill-timed alarm, today was a day where I just couldn’t be late and both boys were displaying behaviour whereby they wanted a relaxing start to the day. All I could think about was the sadness of getting to the train station and not we getting to carry out our ritual goodbye moments. So I worked at it.

As 7.03am rolled around this morning (and we were all miraculously in the car yelling/tear free), I relished the goodbyes just that little extra – although we had been running late, I had found a way that resulted in laughs and complicit teethbrushing. It was great! It probably won’t work tomorrow, but that is not the point. I found a way and I felt a stronger connection with my offspring as a result. I told them I loved them and couldn’t wait for cuddles this evening.

And it’s true – I can’t!  Xx

Musical inspiration

In a bid to rid the lyrics of a certain Disney movie from my mind (see my previous post)… I’ve diligently commenced listening to some more preferential musicians:

Cheap Girls
Little Bastard
Issac Graham
The Frontbottoms

I’m on irregular work duties today, so I have the luxury of listening on the commute; however for some reason my awesomely brilliant noise-canceling headphones have decided to stop working in one ear; I am also painfully listening to two university students complain about the size of their campus and how far they have to walk. Seriously, their biggest gripe about life is both having to cross a road and getting into a lift/elevator.

I think I’d prefer Frozen to be blasted!


Note to self: everyone’s struggle is real! Everyone’s struggle is real. Repeat.

I did not see my life heading this way



Some of you will indeed get my reference above (and I now dare you to remove the lyrics from repeating over and over and over, stuck on a loop through your brain), and some of you will undoubtedly be thinking “what the hell is she on about”? Well, I (sort of) wish i was with you.

Our family just enjoyed a very busy, yet memory making weekend away (ANZAC Day Long Weekend – Lest we forget). We enjoyed some home time (cough cough destroy the living room time); We celebrated a dear friend’s 40th birthday at a dinner sans parenting responsibilities; 3/4’s of us cheered on the Sydney Swans as they outclassed West Coast Eagles at the SCG; we celebrated a little friend’s 4th birthday; we enjoyed some family time in Mudgee with a few singalongs on the trip out and we sampled some of Mudgee’s parks, wine and food with close friends. All in all, the weekend was one of those weekends that really makes you thankful for being alive.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The trip to Mudgee was definitely a highlight, and has definitely restocked our depleted wine supplies. What I didn’t bargain for was the complete surprise (wait for it…) I LOVE THE FROZEN soundtrack.


Yes, you have read that correctly – the girl that loves her music loud and aggressive; likes her music dark and downright dirty has discovered she also loves tearing into Elsa’s (or is it Ana’s?) Let It Go, Do You Want To Build A Snowman and any of the other songs on the Frozen soundtrack.


I definitely did not see my life heading in this direction. Sure, I understand the recent obsession with the music from The Lion King – I watched this movie and listened to the soundtrack approximately one billion times when I was younger. The memories the music conjures are of warmth and summer, so I doubt I’ll ever be sad to revisit that time in my life.


I recently watched The Lion King movie with a sick Giggles Magoo (I skipped a couple of the more intense scenes) and have been inundated with requests by him to listen to the soundtrack. In fact,  Hakuna Matata and I Just Can’t Wait To Be King are currently played everyday in Theverymoodyhousehold.


What has surprised me completely though is Giggles Magoo’s insistence to also listen to the Frozen soundtrack. He didn’t love the movie,  but his bestie does. After discovering the music in The Lion King, he has been hooked on Frozen’s sound ever since, and maybe it was a musical awakening?


On our trip to Mudgee, I discovered that I actually wanted to listen Frozen too, and we did – multiple times. I’m hoping that one day in the future life of Giggles Magoo, he’ll  hear the Frozen music and is reminded of all the lovely times we have goofing off when we sing together – in the same way I may have tortured my parents in listening to The Lion King on repeat.

Initially this blog post was going to focus on the development of our family traditions and the brilliant adventures we get to go on together – getting to any swans game we can; taking the boys to the place we celebrated getting married; sharing adventures with new friends… the weekend just finished was the prefect way to highlight the highs of family life. But, as I sit on the train coming home, my mind is instead filled with Frozen song lyrics and the fun times I had belting them out; the smiles on the boy’s faces; their little belly laughs.

Maybe one day I’ll touch base on those beautiful traditions we seem to have formed, but for the time being I’m off to build a snowman. And I definitely did not see my life heading down this path xx

PS. Confession time. At one stage, for about 2 weeks I was struggling with my let-down reflex after an illness while breastfeeding Little Mate. The only way i could relax enough to allow the let-down occur (and thus feed him) was by singing Let It Go. Weirdly funny, I know.































My open letter to Buddy Franklin

I hopped off the train this morning and had my attention drawn to a promotional installation within the busy and beautiful Central Station.  The installation was promoting RU OK? Day and I was instantly reminded of a letter I wrote to Lance “Buddy” Franklin, the high profile Sydney Swans AFL player (have I mentioned I’m a massive Swans supporter – don’t hold it against me).

Towards the back end of the 2015 season, Buddy stepped away from the game as he wasn’t feeling too good. Not in the sense of injury or illness, but in the “I’m not coping very well with life” sense. At the business end of the season, many questions were asked about him, especially as the Swans seemed to be having another great year and were potentials for the finals series. I was proud to be a dedicated fan of a footy team that seemed to value a players mental health and well being, more than that of a Premiership cup.

It’s refreshing to think that even behind big business (as we all know, sport=big business) are real people. Real human beings, just like you and me.

I never sent the letter to the Swans, in fact, I penned it with this blog in mind. It was (I think) my second go at writing a piece for my (at that stage) non-existent blog. I hadn’t found the courage to actually give it a go.

It’s now April 2016 and Buddy has been back playing footy since the commencement of the 2016 AFL Premiership Season. Actually, quite a bit has happened in my own life since then too, including some glorious moments and some darker, harder moments. Since starting this blog, I now have the courage to share the letter, knowing that so many people my beautiful life touches have had to find the strength and resilience to ask for help. Not everybody can be a super star footballer and take “time out”, but everyone can be the community that will help make the darker times a little brighter for those close by.

Anyway, here goes:

21st September 2015
My open letter to Lance “Buddy” Franklin.

Dear Buddy,

You are a hero to my Swans-obsessed 3 year old son. He loves watching you play footy, loves to see you kick goals and most of all he loves to be you. I’m not kidding either – he calls me Kurt Tippett, his dad Adam Goodes, his younger brother Gary Rohan and he role plays a game of footy with himself as you. It is by far one of the best things as parent to watch.

You are now a hero to me and my husband – sure, you are a super star footballer that delivers at any clutch play. But, you are a person too. Your decision to step away from a game I’m sure you love did not come easy.

I’ve no doubt you are learning that mental health is so very important to each and everyone of us; it also means different things to different people.

By taking the courageous step to remove yourself from football, you are providing an opportunity for dialogue about mental health issues for me and my sons. I am terrified that my beautiful boys will one day have no where to turn, with devastating effect. By being honest with yourself and those around you, I have hope you will come through the other side a stronger person,  knowing your self inside out. I hold hope that your example will help my boys to find the courage they need to seek help, when society makes it so very hard.

You have reached complete superhero status in our household for reasons transcending football.

We wish you all the love and nourishment in the world in the world. Best of luck in your journey of life,

The Very Moody Household


RU OK day isn’t until September. But, please, if you think you need someone to share your struggles with or you are worried about a friend and how they’re faring with life at the moment, look deep inside yourself to find the courage to broach the topic. I promise you won’t regret it xx

3 things

I’ve realized three things I’ve done in the last week will no doubt pin point me as a stinkin’ hippy (said with all the love and pride in the world).

1. I couldn’t find my olive oil to make dinner. I then remembered it was in my ensuite, as the night before I  had used the oil to remove my make up (if you’re interested, here’s a really credible source why I don’t use make up removal wipes anymore)

2. I made a delicious gumbo and made an even nicer chicken stock out of the bones and veggie scraps. Said stock was used over the weekend in some delicious home cooked meals. 

3. I made a potion for Giggles Magoo to help him stop coughing – ginger, garlic, cinnamon and pepper; boiled together and flavored with honey and lemon juice. I was surprised too, but there was no doubt that it worked and we all got some sleep (and I didn’t need to use any of my depleted sick leave)

These three occurrences, coupled with my obsession for using modern cloth nappies (currently for Little Mate, previously for Giggles Magoo) and the fact I make our cleaning products makes me a bonafide, mountains-dwelling HIPPY.

It’s been a long time coming, but both Grimace and I are increasingly aware of the waste our household generates. Just by having young children, the amount of things you have/”need” is incredible and can be incredibly wasteful… toy is broken, it needs to be chucked. Paper drawn on, it needs to be recycled. Microwave breaks down, we need to buy a new one (which unfortunately includes all that gross polystyrene packaging). I find myself asking if something can be reused instead of directly going to landfill or even the recycling bin – for example, getting Giggles Magoo to paint the polystyrene as an art project before tossing it.

As a result of our loving family, our waste has definitely increased as has the amount of random things we have around the house. And sometimes it irks me no end – so. much. clutter.

I am proud of the small adjustments we’ve made to our way of life to help live a healthier, greener life; but I know there is ALWAYS more that can be done. If you’re looking to make a few alterations, here are a few example of some of the adjustments we’ve made:

– Donating or selling household items and toys in good condition that are just simply not used anymore. Usually I try to give/sell items where i know they will be used. I try to avoid using the charity bins if I can find someone else to use the item as I’m a little doubtful that everything going in those bins is reused.

– Buying items secondhand for the boys bday/chrissy presents or any clothing requirements.

– Clothes sharing for the boys with my beautiful sister in law’s family (they also have two young boys). Most clothes Giggles Magoo has worn across his nearly 4 years are now onto their fourth and fifth wearer.

– Buying wooden toys where possible. In saying that, there are some awesome brands that use recycled plastics to make trucks etc.

– Meal planning each week; this is effective two fold as we only buy what we need (budgeting purposes) and we only buy what we need (waste purposes). My next goal is to take containers to the butcher to take the meat home.

– Buying Australian Made, Australian owned,  Australian produce wherever possible. This is sometimes much pricier, but there are so many reasons to compensate for that (I’m also acutely aware that not everyone can afford this option).

– Using leftover/veggie off-cuts to make stock. So unbelievable easy – check out my good friends blog post on it here (point 5 in the post). The Krooked Spoon blog has been an inspiration for me for a while.

– Composting food (we have a hot compost and a cold compost) and use it in our attempts to not kill a small selection of herbs and veggies.

– Using our glass keep cups to fuel our coffee addiction. If we don’t have them on us when the caffeine urge hits then making the time to sit and drink the coffee in shop to avoid an awful take away cup.

– Buying fruit and veg from our local store or farmers markets and where possible not buying anything that’s packaged. For example, we eat A LOT of apples. Like I buy 12-14 a week a lot-of-apples (usually still isn’t enough) and instead of putting them in the convenient plastic bag, they go straight into the basket. Sure, it’s slightly painful at the checkout having to pick out each apple (mostly the sigh from the staffer who has to weigh them is the most painful part), but I’ve realised i don’t actually need the bag…the convenience of modern day shopping tells me I do.  It means there is one less plastic bag in circulation, and while i know that doesn’t achieve too much, it’s more about changing the habit and reducing the amount of plastic we “need”.

– If it’s possible, walking/riding/using public transport to get places. Our household has two cars, and for good reason. But, if it’s possible/not crazy, we’ll look at not using them to get somewhere (although this sometimes fails as on occasions, both cars get used to get us to the same destination).

– Recycling and using councils guidelines to choose what goes in the recycling bin.

Anyway, the whole point of this posting was to express to the world… I’m a hippy; and proud!  There are so many ways Theverymoodyhousehold can reduce consumption of commercialism. While all of these are only small changes, I’m hoping our habits will be changed on a long-term basis and help shape the daily consumption habits of the boys.

I’d love to hear any hot tips you have on reducing your waste or improving your ‘green’ lifestyle. Or, for laughs,  check out The Katering Show.

Happy Wednesday – it’s been a great day to dry the nappies so I’m one happy mumma xx


Welcome to the week

I’ve never taken exception to Mondays. I remember back in the school days, Mondays were always great. I’d spend the day reminiscing the weekend fun times, planning the next one and just generally not doing school things (I don’t know if that’s actually how it panned out, but that’s the way I remember it).

Since becoming a creator of children, I’ve been lucky enough to work part time, and even luckier to work each Monday. I feel a great sense of achievement most Mondays; goodness knows why, as that statement seems to be in complete contrast to my earlier comments about not getting anything done on a Monday at school. I just seem to own Mondays now – office work efficient; commute time for reads/music; house is in order as there’s been no one in it all day; weekend activities are still fresh enough to remember the happiness. It’s a pretty good way to start the week.

Today was no different; in fact,  since returning to work after maternity leave for Little Mate,  I generally look forward to Mondays. (Yep. Re-read that sentence… weird I know).

The reality of working an office job can be rather dull, but it is always underpinned by the dozen or so lovely people I work with. The coffee break is my favourite time of day. Not for the coffee itself (we have a cafe in our building, which is great on rainy days as there is no need to battle an umbrella and a giant coffee order, but the coffee is really rather uninspiring), but talking to each of my colleagues while we sip on incredibly average coffee. I relish their stories, smiles and experiences; usually so very different to my own. Their tales remind that the disconnect parents of young children invariably feel is only for a relatively brief period; that one day I will be up to date on something that doesn’t relate to the Octonauts or Star Wars.

I love going into the office to share my experiences with these beautiful people who seem to take joy in what Giggles Magoo and Little Mate have been up to.  Today i was able to regale them with tales of birthday parties; park play and boys doing boy things :



(What you can’t see is Little Mate sitting inside the red scoop. He loved getting in those things)

Please don’t get me wrong, when I’m in the office I work very hard. I suppose I feel rather lucky to have found a work place that cares about me and my family… that, and the fact that someone outside of my immediate family will listen to me. It is empowering; connecting; satisfying. Most importantly they seem to help make up for the fact that I leave the ones I love the most.

Anyways, I’m off to read and listen to some music.


Happy Monday x

It’s been a long day

Thank you for your support Rob Thomas and Matchbox20 (please do not be under any impression that I in any way like the aforementioned band…the pop culture reference just pretty much sums up how I feel my day has panned out).  I feel like without that song lyric to refer to,  I may very well have lost my shit this afternoon.

Let’s be honest, today was in no way shape or form a disaster. Let’s quickly do a head count – yep, all 4 of us are accounted for, not in hospital; we’re clean, safe, fed and (probably most importantly) loved.

It was just one of those days where my expectations were so far removed from reality; I wasn’t at work as Little Mate is sick. With painful, ear infections. Why the hell did i think I would be able to perform domestic duties, reorganise the toys and cook multiple dinners, all the while giving Little Mate all the love he needs?? (Wow, who could ever possibly achieve all  that?!) Today was always going to be a replica of the last few…velcro bubba.
It all seems so obvious in hindsight.

I want to be honest with what I write here as I am conscious that it is all too easy to only present a certain perspective of our/my life. In saying that,  I don’t think there will be too much doom and gloom, as, while we’re being honest; I’m pretty happy with my awesome life. There are some days that don’t feel awesome; some moments within the day where I find myself distracted when only a little focus is needed; unable to find the motivation to do what needs to be done.

I had to collect Giggles Magoo from day care today. The universe got me to arrive at the right time – the time where people that make me laugh were everywhere. Giggles rode his bike home while I (frantically) pushed Little Mate in the pram, watching the sun set. Even on a tough day,  there are still some simply beautiful occurrences. I just needed a little reminder to keep an eye out.

The sun will rise tomorrow; the antibiotics will kick in; the boys will be their heart-warming selves; I’ll feel just the right level of frazzled and then I’ll remember that this is what life is. A series of fleeting emotions and moments that fuel our existence. And I love it.

I wonder if I’ll put that much thought into my weekly meal planning?


8 years

Two things:
1. Eight years is a good amount of time.
2. A little bit of random Google research can prove to be an amazing thing. 

In eight years,  you can achieve this (plastic surgery to exactly replicate your Chinese acting/fashion diva idol… so awesomely random, thank you internet).

Or, in 8 years you can achieve amazing things (I suppose completely altering your facial features could be considered amazing) – this was me exactly 8 years ago, give or take a few hours:


I’d like to think that in eight years we have already achieved great things, and I’m looking forward to everything else that we’ll ace together. Like, maybe we should pinpoint a celebrity couple and start to replicate their looks?

Wishing you a very beautiful anniversary Grimace, you really are my everything. My Danny to Sandy; my Captain von Trapp to Maria; my Mr Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet; my A.J to Corey (probably minus the drug habit).

As we both have a love of music, I thought it somewhat relevant to share our music theme from that day 8 years ago: 

– You’re my best friend,  Queen
– Best of love,  Ocean 11
– Forever; Dropkick Murphys

Still all as relevant as ever xx

Welcome Home Mumma

As per my previous post, I spent two glorious nights in a food/wine/cheese/bush/friend vortex in Leura (Blue Mountains,  NSW). And,  it was obviously sublime.

I don’t want to make you too jealous, so I’ll just summarise the two days for you:
– long, lazy brunches (complete with a loooong wait for food, where normally I’d be pretty annoyed, however as there were no children waiting/fidgeting with us I didn’t have a care in the world)
– slowly meandering through the village shops
– invigorating bushwalks with some glorious vistas
– delicious, slow paced dinners
– wine
– long, uninterrupted chats; exploring each of our worlds.

Actually, here are some pics courtesy of my beautiful friend Lauren just to make you jealous afterall…









Needless to say, I was very relaxed on Sunday when Grimace brought the boys along to pick me up.

This was the first time I’d been away for a significant time from Little Mate, and his cuddles were heart warming and a squeezing reminder to never leave him again. He is still running this theory, and has somehow convinced his body to play along – high temps and a barking cough have meant that my Monday was not filled with office work,  but rather Little Mate and his Never-leave-mumma-again theory. And it’s rather nice:



The cuddles with Little Mate have given me ample opportunity to reflect on the events of the last few days, and the perspective time away from the fam bam provides. I consider myself really blessed (cannot brainstorm a better word here) with my friendship circle and this time only reinforced those feelings. Life always throws a few stressful moments, but this weekend has helped to push them faraway.

The photo of the cup of tea is significant too – on the aforementioned weekend away, it was discovered that one of the girls drinks a lot of tea. Our discussions have reminded me about my love of tea and how recently I seem to have replaced tea with coffee. I’ve decided that for no particular reason, a personal challenge will be to drop my afternoon coffee and replace it with a tea. Replacing one caffeine beverage with another sounds challenging I know (haha, when will they invent that font for sarcasm), so I’ll be looking at you to drink one with me, just to keep me honest.

Anyways,  happy Monday!  This mumma is very happy to be home.


Hells yes to this weekend. I’m staying in Leura with some of my bestest and most beautiful friends.

I don’t think I can communicate clearly enough how ecstatic I am that this weekend has arrived.  So let’s be clear:

I’m staying in Leura with some of my bestest and most beautiful friends; sans children.

I’m staying in Leura with some of my bestest and most beautiful friends; sans children; with all the wine and cheese.

I’m staying in Leura with some of my bestest and most beautiful friends; sans children; with all the wine and cheese; with no plans.

It’s a dream come true. Then I find this hanging prominently in the house we’ve rented.



Oh yes, and this is just down the street:


I think I’m going to rock this weekend