7.03am governs our life, 3 days a week (this week it is 4).

Without 7.03am, I am completely sure that my life would delve further into chaos.

7.03am is the magical time that we need to be out of the house in order for the work-day ritual to play out and to provide that little sense of control I need to get by.

7.03am we pull out of the driveway in a spin; 7.05am I kiss Little Mate goodbye (with lots of smiles and blowing of kisses); 7.06am Giggles Magoo is practically bursting out of his car seat waiting for me to kiss him. Even though it is goodbye for the day, he thrives off this ritual. 7.07am I’m bounding up the stairs of the railway station in time to catch my express train to the city for work, Grimace taking the boys to care and then it’s onwards to work too.

I sometimes marvel at our ability to get two miniature humans dressed, breakfasted and out the door by 7.03am. They may be covered in toothpaste/oats/texta/whateverrandomthingthey’vetouched, BUT nonetheless, I sometimes think if I can achieve getting them out of the house, I can achieve anything and potentially take over the world. I mean, what an achievement, right?!

But then I remember, just about every parent does it all the bleeting time…which is in a way why I sorted of wanted to post this. A little reflection always helps perspective, right??

Some mornings we fly through the get up/breakfast/dressed/teeth/toilet routine, but more often than not there are tears and protestations from both boys – I get it, it is early and no one ever wants to be rushed around before you’ve had a chance to settle into your own skin for the day.

I also know that the protestations are attempts by the boys to procrastinate just a little longer and spend some more time with us. I normally try and remember they are craving our love and attention; a connection. And I always intend to remain patient. But most days, a little irritation or anger creeps in to my mindset – the ever-present “we’re going to be late” has a power like no other. And when it hits, it is seemingly impossible to block the rage and frustration you feel. I am getting better at it; and have discovered new ways to work through the feelings to prevent a situation neither family member wants. I find when I want the morning routine to work ‘right’ and be conflict free, I’m being lazy. I just want complicity as I can’t be bothered to find a ‘fun’ solution – my nearly 4 year old should just get my adult priorities. Ha ha yep – when will they invent that font for sarcasm??

I know many of you play out the same scenario on a daily basis too:

“Come on, it’s time to put your shoes on. Could you please put your shoes on”

“Put your shoes on!”

“Okay, if you won’t put your shoes on, you’ll just have to go to school without any shoes” (which we all know isn’t true; why do we say such silly things?!)

“Come here Mate, do you want me to put your shoes on? OK, You should just ask if you want my help”.

Giggles Magoo somedays just flat out refuses to get out of bed. This morning included said refusal  and my anxiety at making the train was starting to sky rocket – we were already late due to an ill-timed alarm, today was a day where I just couldn’t be late and both boys were displaying behaviour whereby they wanted a relaxing start to the day. All I could think about was the sadness of getting to the train station and not we getting to carry out our ritual goodbye moments. So I worked at it.

As 7.03am rolled around this morning (and we were all miraculously in the car yelling/tear free), I relished the goodbyes just that little extra – although we had been running late, I had found a way that resulted in laughs and complicit teethbrushing. It was great! It probably won’t work tomorrow, but that is not the point. I found a way and I felt a stronger connection with my offspring as a result. I told them I loved them and couldn’t wait for cuddles this evening.

And it’s true – I can’t!  Xx

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