Capturing A Little Moment In Time

The dawn of 2021 has seen me don my best notebook and crayon (let’s be honest, as a family with young children, pens and pencils are never ever where they are supposed to be…or anything, actually) and take to journalling. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, it’s no secret that I enjoy writing. When we became a family of five, I unsurprisingly haven’t had the chance to write anything for my blog, and so journalling seemed like the next best thing to fill the void. That, and I realised I could hold a sacred space with my tween, by sharing a journal. And me being me (it’s rare I do new things unenthusiastically), I nabbed not one, but FOUR journals. Yep, 4. Because, well, I’m not really sure … But, there’s one for me to me, one for Grimace and I, one for Little Mate and I, and of course the tween, Giggles Magoo and I.

Needless to say, I’ve been writing more often, which feels great. They are never long entries or too reflective, but I’m wearing my best patient pants, and am waiting to grow into dedicating that amount of time to writing. For the time being, I’m happy sharing my random thoughts with the boys (if I’m honest, the journal I have for Grimace and I is still unwrapped, unwritten in… Soon, soon I tell myself).

Today’s Journal entry is something I feel I want to share on here, with you. With my writing continuing to develop, I felt inspired to catch one of those moments in time that as a parent, I wish to never forget. So here goes…

“Happy Friday. It feels good to be at the end of the week. The boys are no doubt hanging out for the weekend, where screens, screams, snacks and sleeps are their favourite things. I wonder what movie it will be tonight.

Today I had a few errandy-type things to do with Little Miss Moody. Firstly, an osteo appt for me. Unfortunately Little Miss Moody was not keen on said appointment, and spent a high percentage of it screaming at the beautiful secretary who was volunteered to hold her. She was giving her best rendition of an unsettled/screaming baby (imagine a type of muderous scream, that is really tiresome for everyone involved). The rushed appointment gave me some sweet relief, but unfortunately, my littlest love was super unsettled and essentially screamed this poor woman’s ears off. But, after a long cuddle and promises of being together for the rest of the day, it was onto the grocery shopping for us.

I’d opted to use the baby carrier whilst shopping for Little Miss Moody, just to try and undo the traumatic screams just moments ago, as well as giving her some security – she was snuggled in nice and close to me and was giggling away as I chatted to her as we went along collecting the never-ending shopping supplies. I leaned in and started playfully kissing her on the nose. With each kiss, she would giggle and giggle. I noticed that gradually those giggles got quieter and quieter. I realised that with each kiss, her eyelids were staying shut for longer and longer, eyelids heavier and heavier.

I stopped being busy shopping and really noticed my love, really noticed me enjoying the moment. Could this really be happening? My baby is going to sleep whilst being kissed and giggling?

It was true! She was indeed starting to doze off. As I stood in the quiet corner of our local shop, I shared a genuine drunk-with-love moment with my baby girl, as she lulled herself off to sleep with giggles and smooches. I felt so full within, so emotionally satisfied and connected as I carried her along to complete the shop.

Time, would you mind standing still, please. Can I hold this little love, in this very moment, for as long as possible?”

I feel really very happy that today’s Journal entry is capturing that precious moment in time 🥰

Do you have a simple, yet precious moment you’d just love to preserve? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Friday x