I’m still standing, yeah yeah yeah

A few months ago, desperate for some peace, I switched on a movie for the kids. I hadn’t seen the movie before, and I always like to be aware of what my kids are consuming from the box, so I sat with them for a little bit and watched Sing. Well, my foot didn’t stop tapping, my smile didn’t leave my face and I was feeling all empowered by the characters. Turns out, I loved the movie, as did my little cherubs.

Fast forward a few months, and again desperate for some downtime for a semi-sick three year old, Sing was back on the screen. This time though, it was like a mini-karaoke session. Little Mate was busting out all the tunes, especially the Taylor Swift diddy and the Johnny character song. In the days since, all Little Mate wants to listen to, on repeat, is the cover from the movie of I’m Still Standing, that Elton John classic. Johnny, as it turns out, is Little Mate’s favourite character from Sing. And who doesn’t love the great, big gorilla?

How is any of this relevent? Well, at 7:30pm tonight, I’d set out on a run and I really wasn’t feeling it (45mins of short hill reps. Blerrrrrrgggggghhhhhh). After an intense round of finish work-double pick up-solo dinner/bath/bed, I was so freaking close to chucking the night in. But, my babysitter arrived (thanks Gra) and I was compelled to leave the confines of my comfort zone. I thought, stuff the hill session, I’ll just do an easy run – the main thing is I’m getting out. But, I go to start my watch (so I can track my distance), but it’s battery hasn’t been charged in days and I can’t think of an interesting route to do at night. Fuck it, I’ll do the prescribed hill session I tell myself. I just have to run up the hill for two minutes, remember the spot to run to and repeat it 9 times.

Well, I found I’m Still Standing, physically propelling me up the hill. Singing it to myself, I don’t run with music, I managed to get through the run, and yes people, I was indeed still standing. Just. But, I was indeed happy that I pushed myself.

I find the introspection available to me when I’m running truly inspirational. By listening to, and acknowledging the hardships my body is facing on a challenging run, I further develop the respect I have for myself, and I delve further into the mindfulness realm. I’m mindful of the lyrics to ‘I’m Still Standing’ pumping through the crevices of my brain, I’m mindful of my aching muscles, I’m mindful of my burning lungs, I’m mindful of my legs and will them to just keep putting one in front of the other, I’m mindful of the rocks under my feet, I’m mindful of the beautiful night sky. I’m mindful of the wonderful family I have, in particular my husband and mother, who are both putting themselves out for me to do what I need to do today. I’m mindful of my children, mindful of my attitude toward them. I’m mindful of other people and what challenges they are facing.

And then my run is finished, and I’m Still Standing. And I’m thankful. Thankful for everything. Thankful for my tribe, thankful for my running group and the wonderfully insightful person my coach is. Thankful for everything and everyone that has touched my life, be they closeby or now a memory. Thank you x