I Think You’re Great

I’ve been listening to a lot of music these past few weeks. Well, when I say a lot, it isn’t really that much compared to the amount I used to listen to, but I’ve definitely remembered how light and free music helps me to feel. 

Grimace and I have also made a big effort to support Australian artists, and we have both found ourselves gravitating toward Aussie bands. Me in particular toward those with female vocalists. 

I used to be that dickhead that claimed “I just didn’t like female voices” and would refuse to engage with a band or artist if she was female. I thought I liked the loud, strong male voice instead. But, I realise now I was just letting the music industry choose for me… and closing myself off to a whole lot of amazing music, led by some wonderfully talented, strong and creative women. I hang my head in shame now, realising what I was missing out on.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a strong male voice – I still thrash about and love the energy when Luca Brasi or The Hard Aches or <insert other male-fronted Aussie band or Artist here> comes on the speaker. But, I have found making my way through the Aussie female repertoire a striking experience and one I’ve been proud to share with the three boys in my life.

Since before isolation started, the kids had discovered their love of “putting on a show”. On any given day, they’ll set up on any or all our musical instruments, organising their set, charging a cover fee, barking instructions to each other and inevitably ending in some Gallagher-brother madness. And then sometimes, we’ll get a song. Little Mate thrashes out on the guitar (electric or acoustic) or drums and Giggles Magoo is king of the keys.

Back when iso had probably just started, Grimace started to put his years of experience (of seeing a live set) to good use and was helping the kids to understand how to entertain the crowd through music and banter. He could see his message wasn’t getting through, so to demonstrate, he put on Alex the Astronaut’s live album: The Space Tour Live (at your place), which also fantastically includes a version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, played with Paul Kelly (!!).

And aren’t we pleased Grimace had the insight to put this on for the kids?? I think I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of listening to this album approximately 678 thousand times, and with each listen I find new things I love. How she brings the crowd with her, how she is comfortable being uncomfortable, her engaging chit-chat, story-telling, reflections and of course the music. But, I think the thing I love the most are her jokes. That, and hearing Little Mate singing each and every line. He knows all the words to every song.

In what will remain as a proud parenting moment was when he parroted Alex the Astronaut’s introduction to Already Home and proudly declared to me “You’ve had a shit day at work mum, this song is for you”. I don’t know why, but I find it overly endearing that my five-year-old can recognise it’s ok to have a shit day.

Anyway, today I’ve been singing along to “I Think You’re Great” and I just wanted to jump on here today and say it’s True. I do. I think you’re all pretty great

(Except for you WordPress. You crashed on my first blog post in 6 months and I lost it all! You’ve got work to do)