An amazing thing happened over the weekend. My two beautiful boys realised they are built-in play buddies. It’s only taken 19 months (give or take, depending on my maths. Which, on any given day could be so totally wrong, or so totally correct) and plenty of encouragement. 

Don’t get me wrong… they didn’t magically play the entire day away together or anything, but they did discover life is much funner (not even going to apologise for the most blatant disregard of grammar) when you play, rather than bicker. 

On Friday, the boys had been lucky enough to be taken to Taronga Zoo by their adoring Gra, Grumps and Aunty Soph. Of course everyone had a grand old day and Little Mate was gifted a set of four penguins, one of which features below:

<<Side Note – Little Mate totally thought I needed company at work, and his mate was the perfect candidate. He has discreetly packed the little guy in my bag for a cute surprise when I reached the office>>
When the penguins made a play appearance on Saturday morning, Giggles Magoo entrusted Little Mate to be the guy in charge of two young penguins on an adventure, he in charge of the other two: two parent penguins on the same adventure. Obviously, he had taken a liking to the penguins as well as lets be honest, if one child gets something, the other claims as their’s too. The two of them spent the next 30 mins (yes, 30 mins!!!) role playing these 4 penguins on some random and CUTE adventure without needing any intervention from me. 

The adventure included busy penguin parents sharing drop off and pick up of penguin children at day care. When all four penguins were back together for the evening, they went in the millenium falcon into hyperspace to the Illenium System (spelling??) to make sure Yoda, Buzz Lightyear and Kwazii Cat were ok. My heart beamed with love as I watched their imaginations play out.

I was so sweetly reminded of my childhood cubby house adventures with my younger by 15-month sister Dommy, probably at ages 8 (me) and 7/6 (her). The very next day, the boys were again playing together (this time big-school role playing) and I may have set up a cubby house for them to re-play my childhood games, possibly using the exact same scratchy woollen blanket Dommy and I would have used as our cubby…lucky for me and my reminiscing, the boys loved it and continued their game (and lunch) inside:

While all this play time was happening, I was revelling in not only their play but also in the kitchen. I managed to get some muesli bars, muesli and two dinners made up in preparation for the week ahead PLUS attacked (and conquered) Mount Clothes. It was a parenting highlight to see their connection grow, and to see Giggles Magoo so natural in playing the bossy leader. I was grateful to see snippets of their future memories play out – who knows, maybe one day they will remember snippets of these times and then share them with their offspring. 

I was also grateful to be afforded some time to complete some much needed household tasks, without the interjection of two beautiful boys.

One of the dinners I hastily put together is perhaps my salad for the upcoming summer – a Hot Smoked Salmon Nicoise Salad. It was foodalicious, and will definitely feature again and again and again at Theverymoodyhouseld – check out the recipe below, courtesy of Donna Hay Magazine. I soft boiled the eggs – 5 minutes and they were perfect. 

The other dinner I prepped was a 2kg BBQ Roasted Butterfly Lamb – using red wine, a multitude of herbs and pepper, we roasted up a good Saturday dinner, served with a delicious roast vegetable salad. 

I LOVE playtime – both with me involved being the centre of the game, but then again when I don’t need to feature at all. Delicious food also seems to be a love. Night night

all the feels

In an attempt to keep up my habit of writing, I’m probs going to have a few inconsequential posts. I figure it is better to keep posting than not, even if, at the time I commence typing I have no idea which topic I will tackle (for example, this post! I have no idea what I’m planning to write about). 

The world can be a pretty tough place. Beautiful, but tough. I have a friend working through some pretty tough news, and all I want to do is surround her with my love. But, that would probably be fairly inconvenient for her and probably add only annoyance instead of the intended support. So, instead, I will send my best wishes and suport from afar. And while I am confused in how to support someone without suffocating them, at the same time I am excitedly anticipating the arrival home of my traveling sister. Her 9 month (ish) trip around Oz with Jake has provided much photo-porn on Insta, and made me quite jealous and excited by the chance to one-day play copy cat. 

I’ve really been missing my siblings the last few months (hello around the world), and I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve not ever been so alone on the sibling front – so to have Soph returning home is an exciting prospect and I am actually feeling all the feels. The anticipation is huge too from Giggles Magoo who keeps asking if Aunty Soph will be here for Dumpling Night…Little Mate just wonders when he can next talk to her on the phone (her, or anyone else in my address book). 

These two contrasting events in my life are both full of emotion, and really, neither of them directly involves me. I am purely a spectator with an emotional investment in both beautiful ladies. But, once you factor in all the other things in life – big things, little things, things of signigicant consequence, those with little or none…life just keeps throwing out an interesting journey. Sometimes tough, sometimes beautiful. 

So, although I had no idea what I wanted to write about when I started typing this piece (it probably makes no sense), I’ve ended up reflecting on my beautiful family and supportive friends; soundtracked to the amazing Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Sadly front-woman Sharon Jones passed away over the weekend, which is another timely reminder of the impermanence of life. Jones had so much soul in her voice and has released some amazing music over the years. I guess I count myself as lucky to live in an era whereby I could consume her music. Give the band a listen and wiggle the evening away with all the feels xx

keeping on with the tradition

As I am transporting the goods home for dinner this evening (we are up to Dumpling Thursday! Such a happy tradition in Thevermoodyhousehold these days), I’ve found myself wanting to write to you about our week. I’m part way through a full-time work stint and whilst it is fairly easy to do on the one hand (probably my right rand), it is creating chaos on the other hand (defs my left hand there). The week seems to fly by without much noticing, but at the same time the integral family tasks seem to be neverending and make going to bed at any reasonable hour nearly impossible. Throw in to the mix a birthday for Grimace and our week doesn’t feel as smooth or connected. 

Enter Dumpling Thursday. I am known for preaching to you all around my love of dumplings. Giggles Magoo seems to have an afinity with the concept, as he too will espouse the values of eating dumplings (in a way that only a 4 year old can articulate). He woke up a little on the surly side this morning, which completely disappeared at the revelation that his evening routine will include consumption of the beloved dumpling. I’m not sure if it is indeed the comfort of routine or the delicious-ness that seems to offer the satisfaction for my little love. I don’t even really care (I absolutely do) as the smile he beamed at me will forever be etched into my brain (that, and the fact he was fairly co-operative in getting out the door by 7.03am). 

We actually cheated on Dumpling Thursday with a one-off Yum Cha Wednesday lunch. I know you’re with me when you can’t understand why I’m struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle…but, when the boys are having a city adventure together for Grimace’s birthday, and they find themselves in China Town around lunchtime, who could resist the allure? 

Anyway, in a bid to regain a certain level of control over the week, I am tonight going to make our meal plan for the next week. It will more than likely include a roast dinner (that allows the leftovers to be bundled into another meal), a quick and easy salad and a pie or tart of some description. Tonight I’ll probs hang out a load of washing and nappies (hello hot summer weather) and then share a G n T with Grimace. 

Tonight’s commute home has been soundtracked by The Menzingers, where you can get tix to their Australian Tour if they tickle your fancy…I may just see you at their Sydney show 🙂

Enjoy the end to your week x   

I’ve been a little shy

I adore writing this blog, I find it such a lovely outlet and a really great way to log our adventures. I have this absolutely unrealistic view in my mind that fast-forward 100 years from now I’ll be long gone, and my great-grandchildren will sit down in front of some far-advanced-technology and perform a search on me, said great-grandmother. They’ll stumble across this awkwardly written blog and instantly feel a sense of attachment; their sense of wonderment will be fulfilled when reading all about my random thoughts or our wonderful adventures. 

Ha ha yep, that is probably exactly how it won’t pan out…BUT, without this weird romantic notion, I may not have found the courage to start writing. Hilarious really!

We have recently explored our little part of the world with a few adventures, but I have not detailed them here – mostly because I love reading blog-pieces that include photos, and assume you (hello all 5 readers I regularly have…sisters, sister-in-laws, potentially brother and probably me…HI!!!) all like the same. And, sadly I took no photos whilst adventuring. The fact is, MY PHONE MEMORY IS FULL. This is THE worst #firstworldproblem I could possibly have -as without photographic evidence, how ever will I remember what has occurred? The sad thing is, I’m not even joking. Someone at work will say to me on a Monday “How was your weekend”? and I blank. I stand there and I seriously cannot remember what occurred only less than 24 hours earlier. The rush of a Sunday evening get-everything-ready-for-the-week/Monday morning get-out-of-the-house-with-two-kids-by-7.03am is enough to delete my short term memory cache. So, seriously, if I can’t re-live my experiences through the photographic evidence from the adventure, I can’t remember all the glorious funness. 

I also really like pondering a topic that has been working its way through my mind, but as I’ve not had a camera to take a random picture to give the piece a little randomness or relevance, I haven’t been typing these either. 

I’m realising that I’ve missed writing regularly and I’ve just today decided to do something about it…

1. Tonight, I am going sync my phone and remove all unecessary photos (which will prbably be none, as I love showing the kidlets to everyone, and of course a picture from 6 months ago is completely relevant…yep, I’m that annoying parent in your workplace) to free up some space. Apparently 7 GB of video and 8.64 GB of pictures is too many. Geeeeez.

2. I’m going to undertake an Australian Writers Centre course on blogging to hopefully gain some more tips on brainstorming and shaping content. I have a few things I want to do with this little site, and hopefully the online course will give me a little nudge in the right direction. 

Anyway, Hey – hello, I’m still here and always thinking of content…now I just need to find me some pics to keep the words coming. 

Happy Monday x

PS. The weekend just finished consisted of some epic adventures, including a camping trip with Giggles Magoo and his 3 besties and their families. Was ace! If you’re after an easy camping option, I would definitely recommend Blackheath Glen in the Blackheath, NSW (at the top of the beautiful Blue Mountains). An example of my piece above is I didn’t get any pics…BORING. So instead, here is a picture from almost exactly 12 months ago… my hair colour is different, my nose is pierced, I have a further years wisdom under my belt and the boys have grown up sooooo much since this was taken. Still use the coffee shop just as much though 😛

These sick days

Little Mate & I have recently been in isolation*. There was a breakout of chickenpox at his day care centre (one confirmed case obviously equals a breakout) and as I have been so on top of everything to have forgotten about the 18month round of vaccinations,it means that a night of high temps and a few random spots have been enough for a doctor to make us spend some time together, exclusive to everybody else. 

While doc thinks it probably isn’t chicken pox (the swabs will confirm probably tomorrow), the little fella is sick and is teething up a storm. With his hands constantly in his mouth and the epic amounts of drool overflowing, he is not making the isolation thing particularly easy. Oh yeah, and he has discovered the power of the epic anger tantrum. 

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all…I’m just venting to you. I know I am lucky and work hard to have excess sick leave available; I am adoring spending the time with him, just the two of us, as poor second child didn’t get the same focus that Giggles Magoo received. I’ve even felt inspried to set up craft and sensory play activities for us to do together (my favourite is always making goop), but at the end of the day, the poor little fella is sick and just not enjoying life at the moment. Which means, he is full of beans that will be to excreting tears… and asking for the television to be switched on. When said technology is used, he squirms and moves about, attempting to use up his seemingly inexhaustible energy.

Fast forward a few days and the swab results were negative for the pox (woohoo!!) and Litte Mate is getting back to his happy self. I’ve used the wake up call to get Little Mate booked in for his 18 month vax and his 18 month developmental check up. The mum guilt is leaving…for now anyway. 

  * Isolation = more mumma gets bored and ignores isolation for a brief visit to the coffee shop