Welcome to the week

I’ve never taken exception to Mondays. I remember back in the school days, Mondays were always great. I’d spend the day reminiscing the weekend fun times, planning the next one and just generally not doing school things (I don’t know if that’s actually how it panned out, but that’s the way I remember it).

Since becoming a creator of children, I’ve been lucky enough to work part time, and even luckier to work each Monday. I feel a great sense of achievement most Mondays; goodness knows why, as that statement seems to be in complete contrast to my earlier comments about not getting anything done on a Monday at school. I just seem to own Mondays now – office work efficient; commute time for reads/music; house is in order as there’s been no one in it all day; weekend activities are still fresh enough to remember the happiness. It’s a pretty good way to start the week.

Today was no different; in fact,  since returning to work after maternity leave for Little Mate,  I generally look forward to Mondays. (Yep. Re-read that sentence… weird I know).

The reality of working an office job can be rather dull, but it is always underpinned by the dozen or so lovely people I work with. The coffee break is my favourite time of day. Not for the coffee itself (we have a cafe in our building, which is great on rainy days as there is no need to battle an umbrella and a giant coffee order, but the coffee is really rather uninspiring), but talking to each of my colleagues while we sip on incredibly average coffee. I relish their stories, smiles and experiences; usually so very different to my own. Their tales remind that the disconnect parents of young children invariably feel is only for a relatively brief period; that one day I will be up to date on something that doesn’t relate to the Octonauts or Star Wars.

I love going into the office to share my experiences with these beautiful people who seem to take joy in what Giggles Magoo and Little Mate have been up to.  Today i was able to regale them with tales of birthday parties; park play and boys doing boy things :



(What you can’t see is Little Mate sitting inside the red scoop. He loved getting in those things)

Please don’t get me wrong, when I’m in the office I work very hard. I suppose I feel rather lucky to have found a work place that cares about me and my family… that, and the fact that someone outside of my immediate family will listen to me. It is empowering; connecting; satisfying. Most importantly they seem to help make up for the fact that I leave the ones I love the most.

Anyways, I’m off to read and listen to some music.


Happy Monday x

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