It’s been a long day

Thank you for your support Rob Thomas and Matchbox20 (please do not be under any impression that I in any way like the aforementioned band…the pop culture reference just pretty much sums up how I feel my day has panned out).  I feel like without that song lyric to refer to,  I may very well have lost my shit this afternoon.

Let’s be honest, today was in no way shape or form a disaster. Let’s quickly do a head count – yep, all 4 of us are accounted for, not in hospital; we’re clean, safe, fed and (probably most importantly) loved.

It was just one of those days where my expectations were so far removed from reality; I wasn’t at work as Little Mate is sick. With painful, ear infections. Why the hell did i think I would be able to perform domestic duties, reorganise the toys and cook multiple dinners, all the while giving Little Mate all the love he needs?? (Wow, who could ever possibly achieve all  that?!) Today was always going to be a replica of the last few…velcro bubba.
It all seems so obvious in hindsight.

I want to be honest with what I write here as I am conscious that it is all too easy to only present a certain perspective of our/my life. In saying that,  I don’t think there will be too much doom and gloom, as, while we’re being honest; I’m pretty happy with my awesome life. There are some days that don’t feel awesome; some moments within the day where I find myself distracted when only a little focus is needed; unable to find the motivation to do what needs to be done.

I had to collect Giggles Magoo from day care today. The universe got me to arrive at the right time – the time where people that make me laugh were everywhere. Giggles rode his bike home while I (frantically) pushed Little Mate in the pram, watching the sun set. Even on a tough day,  there are still some simply beautiful occurrences. I just needed a little reminder to keep an eye out.

The sun will rise tomorrow; the antibiotics will kick in; the boys will be their heart-warming selves; I’ll feel just the right level of frazzled and then I’ll remember that this is what life is. A series of fleeting emotions and moments that fuel our existence. And I love it.

I wonder if I’ll put that much thought into my weekly meal planning?


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