That’s what weekends are for

Running, bushwalking, swimming, finding delicious market produce (okay, okay, and finding some dumplings too), hanging out at home, hanging out at the coffee shop, hanging out with the kids and friends at birthday parties, hanging out for dinner at the parents place, one on one puzzle time, giggles in the grass. The weekend is definitely for all these things, or rather, the weekend that is now only a memory was filled with all these things.

After a week that has included many an adult stress for Grimace and I, it was lovely to spend lots of time outdoors and with the kiddies.

I’ve begun to realise that my two are at the age now, whereby they will remember a grab or two when they’re older, or entire scenarios from this time in their life. It’s the time in their life where The Endless Summer is exactly that: long days, filled with fun things and v.e.r.y. little responsibility. The bushwalks we take together, the pool swims, the backyard cricket games – all these fun, yet entirely unplanned things will give them their warm and fuzzy summer identity.

The irony is not lost on me as I sit here writing this, it’s cold and rainy (and I’m definitely not complaining, the rain is a much-needed and a welcome change from the stifling heat and humidity we’ve been having), but the inclement weather didn’t stop us spending a fun few hours at the public swimming pool. It’s these hours that I adore as a parent – Carefree, focused on the moment as it is playing out, smiles and laughter don’t need any work (they come oh so very naturally at these times).

I probably haven’t picked the best activity as an example of a carefree parenting moment, but it’s the last activity we did so it’s clouding all my thoughts 🙂 Sure, swimming always requires that little bit more attention, however with one very capable swimmer, two parents in the water and a whole heap of kiddies around to play with, carefree and living in the moment were definitely themes from the day. Thinking about it though, swimming with kids is essentially a great activity to practise ‘being in the moment’. Your thoughts cannot wander, your focus needs to be on the activities of each kid – your own, or others close by. Sure, you can chat and play away, but at the end of the day your mind needs to be able to clear out any topics that will distract you from your responsibility. The risk is far too great.

Wow, started to get a bit lecturey and dark there, didn’t I? Thanks, introspect. In all seriousness though, finding the balance of being an organised parent, along with the ability to be carefree and live in the moment is a hard balance I’ve been working on for near on 6 years now, and I can say that the work does pay off, especially on the weekend. Afterall, they are for enjoying x

Ch Ch Changes

A few years ago, I was finding a big sense of frustration in my creative outlet. My sister-in-law had started up an extremely entertaining blog, my younger sister had previously written a travel blog, and I was thoroughly enjoying my drive to write within paid employment. I began to realise I could entertain myself on the commute to work by starting a blog, plus tend to the creative outlet I so desperately needed. Each day I worked, I had (2) hours of idle time that I could dedicate to blogging. It was this realisation that began my foray into the blogosphere.

While I’m not exactly the most competent blogger, nor do I host a blog about one or two particular topics (other than narcissistically myself and my family), I seem to have built a decent readership and have found an extreme sense of satisfaction in being able to process the happenings in my world. Now, relax, I’m not really looking to change any of this anytime soon. In fact, I hold grave fears that I might just shrivel up into a small lifeless blob if I’m unable to keep writing about my world. I’m just wary that today marks my second last day of the commute for the forseeable future. You see, I’ve been successful in securing another role which is faaaar closer to home and will probably mean me driving to work. The challenge will become how I make space in my world at home to keep punching out these little posts, without the comfort of an hour or so’s train ride.

I’m more than confident that I will in fact find ample space to dedicate to tending to my own slice of the internet, it’s just the proposition of change can be daunting. It’s when we (read: I; I’m being generalistic to hide my vulnerability!) find ourselves at possibly our most vulnerable points. Without the luxury of what we already know and are confident in, we begin to wonder if the right decision has been made.

In a practical sense, I am more than sure that I will enjoy not taking the train to work and commuting those tedious hours, but then I start to question my decision to step away from public transport and exactly how will I schedule those writing hours into my life. To accept the change on an emotional level, I try to keep the context of the decision at the fore and remind myself exactly why it makes so much more sense to work closer to our home. I’m finding that to keep peace with the change, I rely heavily on my strength and resilience – the ability to reassure myself that I will indeed find the energy, desire and drive to keep this creative outlet open; I just need to remain open to the change and keep a vision about what I want to achieve with the blog.

Anyways, just thought I’d punch out a blog on the insecurity I’m feeling about the future of my regular blogs. Ha, it’s nearly ironic, right? Probably more moronic 🙂

Running with the boys

If you’re a regular reader here (Hello Mum, I’m sure my only one), you’ll remember I have taken to running. It’s fast become a favourite activity or outlet – and one I am gaining confidence in giving my all. Sure, it gets hard. But, I have found I’ve been able to push my physical exertion levels far beyond my previous self-imposed levels and have even come to an acceptance that I will huff and puff like a race horse while running – and that’s more than ok. I have even found myself easily** running 5km. I’m actually in training for a 10km event too.

One Saturday, a few weeks ago, I ran in the Lawson Park Run. When I got home and regaled the fam bam with my pace and shared my general exuberance for the event, I found the two boys completely enthused to go for a run. Like, they wanted to immediately go running. It was with great excitement I packed us into the car (after a much-needed coffee hit), and headed to the local Knapsack Park, entering off Mitchell’s Pass (at Lennox Bridge).

The boys hit the trail with their speedy legs and we managed to explore a fair amount of the old quarry. The boys loved racing up and down, exploring the trees and bushes, the flowers and the animals (well, Little Mate didn’t quite like the dogs off lead, that came bounding toward him for a kiss) and generally just being free outdoors.

I feel incredibly lucky to have two sons who look to share my interests and are actually keen to do them with me. I know this won’t always be the case (they’ll be gross teenage boys one day….say no more!), so I’m loving the shared time now. There was nothing more heart warming and satisfying to see them so happy and free running around in the dirt.

At the end of our traipse, we had enough time to explore underneath Lennox Bridge – this sandstone bridge is just beautiful and is currently the oldest bridge on mainland Australia (there must be an older one in Tasmania). If my memory serves me correctly, it was built in 1833. The site is definitely one worth checking out – the sandstone is beautifully arched over a creek bed, which I think only runs these days after rain. The council and locals have a battle on their hands with taggers, but the gross spray paint appears to come off with much hard work. I love standing underneath the arch and gazing up at the stones, marvelling at the hardwork that was no doubt input to finish the bridge.

All in all, a favourite February memory from me x

**Easily might be the wrong descriptor, as I’m remarkably red and puffed by the end of it. But, I never anticipated being able to hit the 5km distance so consistently.



Happy Friday

So its Friday. Grimace is at home, playing with Little Mate & Giggles Magoo after the school pick up. Nanna and Grandad are on their way to look after the boys while Grimace & I have a date night . The house is clean and the clothes are put away. It’s a running rest day for me. The fridge is full.

I’m feeling free and lucky. And it is a really nice feeling to have on the verge of the weekend.

Happy Friday x

Schools in

As I sit here sit here typing this out, I am surrounded by craziness. Not the craziness I have come to know with my own kidlets, rather the craziness of all the parents at a cafe after school drop off. I’ve been in this exact spot, at this exact time of the day and sat through the same mania that seems to come once the school drop has succeeded. But, today is different for me, you see – I have joined them; I am now in drop off mode and counting down the small amount of hours I have until I need to retrace my steps and collect them again.

I have just dropped Little Mate at his new day care centre, and then dropped Giggles Magoo for his third day of kindergarten. I have joined the ranks of the parents who have 6 hours to run around and solve all the problems of the world, and then be back at the school for a 3pm pick up.

Granted, I won’t be dropping off each day (when I typed this up and forgot to schedule the post to be published, I was on my lucky last day of annual leave), nor will I be picking up each day as we’ll be sharing that luxury with the before and after school care lady… But, it was nice to be there for day 3 and wave goodbye at a game of handball.

It’s been a wonderful first few days, seeing my little ball of energy that is Giggles Magoo adjust into his place at school. His classroom is as endearing as a kindy room can be, his teacher kind and enthusiastic and his school grounds wonderful. I must admit his resilience at the whole process has amazed me, and I am so proud that he is adjusting to the environment so easily.

Now, if only Grimace and I can maintain the same resilience in the face of the daily lunch box preparations. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Finn's first day of school 1.2.2018