8 years

Two things:
1. Eight years is a good amount of time.
2. A little bit of random Google research can prove to be an amazing thing. 

In eight years,  you can achieve this (plastic surgery to exactly replicate your Chinese acting/fashion diva idol… so awesomely random, thank you internet).

Or, in 8 years you can achieve amazing things (I suppose completely altering your facial features could be considered amazing) – this was me exactly 8 years ago, give or take a few hours:


I’d like to think that in eight years we have already achieved great things, and I’m looking forward to everything else that we’ll ace together. Like, maybe we should pinpoint a celebrity couple and start to replicate their looks?

Wishing you a very beautiful anniversary Grimace, you really are my everything. My Danny to Sandy; my Captain von Trapp to Maria; my Mr Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet; my A.J to Corey (probably minus the drug habit).

As we both have a love of music, I thought it somewhat relevant to share our music theme from that day 8 years ago: 

– You’re my best friend,  Queen
– Best of love,  Ocean 11
– Forever; Dropkick Murphys

Still all as relevant as ever xx

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