Stories are strength

Our narrative will survive with stories. Your story. My story. Everyone’s story.

Let us share our stories with those we trust, and then, when the time is right, let us reach out and feel empowered to share parts of our story with a wider circle.

Listening to life stories of others will widen your lense of life, strengthen your empathy or understanding and help you know their legacy.

Sharing your story will keep our alive for generations to come. Your grandchildren’s children will connect to you through your story.

So, tell me a part of your story – let’s keep your legacy going xx

I’m still standing, yeah yeah yeah

A few months ago, desperate for some peace, I switched on a movie for the kids. I hadn’t seen the movie before, and I always like to be aware of what my kids are consuming from the box, so I sat with them for a little bit and watched Sing. Well, my foot didn’t stop tapping, my smile didn’t leave my face and I was feeling all empowered by the characters. Turns out, I loved the movie, as did my little cherubs.

Fast forward a few months, and again desperate for some downtime for a semi-sick three year old, Sing was back on the screen. This time though, it was like a mini-karaoke session. Little Mate was busting out all the tunes, especially the Taylor Swift diddy and the Johnny character song. In the days since, all Little Mate wants to listen to, on repeat, is the cover from the movie of I’m Still Standing, that Elton John classic. Johnny, as it turns out, is Little Mate’s favourite character from Sing. And who doesn’t love the great, big gorilla?

How is any of this relevent? Well, at 7:30pm tonight, I’d set out on a run and I really wasn’t feeling it (45mins of short hill reps. Blerrrrrrgggggghhhhhh). After an intense round of finish work-double pick up-solo dinner/bath/bed, I was so freaking close to chucking the night in. But, my babysitter arrived (thanks Gra) and I was compelled to leave the confines of my comfort zone. I thought, stuff the hill session, I’ll just do an easy run – the main thing is I’m getting out. But, I go to start my watch (so I can track my distance), but it’s battery hasn’t been charged in days and I can’t think of an interesting route to do at night. Fuck it, I’ll do the prescribed hill session I tell myself. I just have to run up the hill for two minutes, remember the spot to run to and repeat it 9 times.

Well, I found I’m Still Standing, physically propelling me up the hill. Singing it to myself, I don’t run with music, I managed to get through the run, and yes people, I was indeed still standing. Just. But, I was indeed happy that I pushed myself.

I find the introspection available to me when I’m running truly inspirational. By listening to, and acknowledging the hardships my body is facing on a challenging run, I further develop the respect I have for myself, and I delve further into the mindfulness realm. I’m mindful of the lyrics to ‘I’m Still Standing’ pumping through the crevices of my brain, I’m mindful of my aching muscles, I’m mindful of my burning lungs, I’m mindful of my legs and will them to just keep putting one in front of the other, I’m mindful of the rocks under my feet, I’m mindful of the beautiful night sky. I’m mindful of the wonderful family I have, in particular my husband and mother, who are both putting themselves out for me to do what I need to do today. I’m mindful of my children, mindful of my attitude toward them. I’m mindful of other people and what challenges they are facing.

And then my run is finished, and I’m Still Standing. And I’m thankful. Thankful for everything. Thankful for my tribe, thankful for my running group and the wonderfully insightful person my coach is. Thankful for everything and everyone that has touched my life, be they closeby or now a memory. Thank you x

Trivial Tuesday night

It is 6.20, Tuesday evening. I’m sitting in my car, music blaring (The Menzingers if you must know) trying to find some courage to keep writing this thing I call a blog before I head off to my running session. You see, by the time I get home from work on a Tuesday evening, Grimace has wrangled both Little Mate and Giggles Magoo to a sporting pursuit for one of the little darlings, and as I’ve got Tuesday Night Track Sessions for running, it just makes life easier for the family if I don’t make a cameo appearance during that horrible** DINNER BATH STORY BED rush. So, I head off and wait out the 45-or so minutes I have before running around the track in this (freezing) cold weather.

On the trip to work today, I started thinking about writing and how much I love the dialogue it provides; and then on the trip home, I promised myself that I would tonight commit to writing something, anything for this little outlet. But, tonight as I sit here with 25mins to bang something out, I’m rather stuck: I just can’t find what to write about. It’s not that I’m suddenly boring, rather I just don’t have any confidence in the topics I choose to write about. If I look at my ‘Drafts” folder, I have more than a dozen posts I’m started over the last months, but just never finished.

I’ve quite often started a post in my mind, only to quickly erase the thought when I can’t get past the opening paragraph. Some of these topics have been about food, parenting, adventures, personal introspection…but, I start to doubt my topic and the level of interesting it possess, or rather my ability to execute a smooth delivery.

A while ago, I actually sat down and typed out a content plan for this little bugger, and I was doing well at sticking to it – the writing was refreshing and I felt inspired. Now, fast forward into mid-2018 and I don’t prioritise the time to write, and I’ve lost my confidence, feeling like I’m waaaaay back at the opening blog post in 2016.

So, here I am, in all my glory. A post about absolutely nothing. But, at least I’ve followed through on my promise to write something, anything… ha.

Anyways, thanks for reading about absolutely nothing; if anything, I’ve enjoyed writing about something so trivial. It makes me feel like my non-writing issue is rather quite trivial, and I find that oddly liberating.

Next post, here’s hoping I won’t be so inane. Maybe I’ll update you on Grimace & Giggle’s Magoo’s overnight hike, or maybe I’ll talk to you about our house renovation journey, or maybe I’ll brag about my two kidlets and how incredibly lovable they are. Maybe I should get back in touch with that content plan?

Night, Night – I’m off running



**So, full disclaimer here…I don’t think it is actually horrible, I quite love the hustle of this time of day. But, it is full on and crazy and I openly admit, it’s nice to have a night away.

How lovely it can be

How lovely it can be, when you discover a slightly new way of doing things.

How lovely it can be to delight in the unexpected giggless from your three-oist, all the while knowing it will be soon followed by protesting and rage.

How lovely it can be to sit with the tears and frustration of your youngest, listening to his personal tumult. Not trying to fix it, just helping to move through the emotion.

How lovely it can be to remember you are a patient person, aiming to lead the family unit with compassion, empathy.

How lovely it can be to remind yourself that you are raising two precious children, with one hell of a partner.

How lovely it can be to realise our day-to-day is where we hoped it would be, after opening ourselves to the vulnerability change can bring.

How lovely it can be to be avail oneself to the chaos of the double drop, followed by a short drive to work. Those cuddles goodbye, those questions “what we do today mumma” and “did you know, at school, we learn about science, and THE MOON”.

How lovely it can be to see the hard work and focus of your eldest, improving his confidence and ability each day.

How lovely it can be to remember the love of your life is always there, to listen these terrible realisations.

How lovely it can be to allow the space to reframe.


Ps. It’s amazing how a morning with a little more time for cuddles, allowing a space for reflection, can completely reframe your mindset. That, and an earlier coffee!


June, 2018. This means we’re halfway through the year, right?! I prefaced Theverymoodyhousehold’s year as “The Year of Change”, and boy, was I on the money: new schools, new jobs, losses of loved ones, new life, new adventures.

I think we are doing a pretty good job at adapting to life as it comes at us. Grimace, Giggles Magoo and Little Mate all seem to be taking it in their stride and embracing where we find ourselves.

But, only looking at those things means it’s easy to overlook or miss some of the beauty in life from the everyday. When I posted that, what I had forgotten about was the constants. The things that make you shine from the inside. Family, friends, food, music, my loves, new days, the sun setting to close a day, the change in the season. My introspection.

All these things will continue to occur, no matter the changes.

So, a mid-year check in from me. Don’t forget to look at your everyday. I clearly did and perhaps missed a little of the beautiful detail. But, alas, the sun will arise tomorrow.



We live for a long weekend

With the passing of another long weekend, Theverymoodyhousehold made sure to take advantage.

A few train trips and a ferry ride saw me and the young ‘uns arrive at Manly (Grimace was far more sensible and opted to drive down after work. Seriously, public transport with a three year old. What was I thinking?!).

But, the main thing was, I got us to the city without yelling or pretending they weren’t mine (mostly using snacks to keep them both at bay). We even managed a very civil visit to the Myer Toy level, with each fella choosing a lego set.

No prizes for picking their preferred Lego theme…

Anyway, once Grimace joined us in Manly, we very much enjoyed the scenery and some lovely winter beach action.

As Sydney is currently colorfully lit up at night (Thank You Vivid!) We decided to take advantage and check out the Taronga Zoo Vivid installation. And, we were not disappointed. The lights, the Sydney vistas and the excited crowd buzz gave us an adventure to remember, even if we did get really bloody wet.

After all that awesomeness, there was plenty of time for this (which is what I secretly live for):


On the train again

Another train trip to the city and this is me: 🤗😄

Not exactly one’s usual reaction to a late Saturday afternoon, public transport, hour long trip, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve missed the train rides. My old job meant i traveled to the city and back two or three times a week. Since changing jobs, I now drive and I’ve missed the ghastly purple vinyl seats, the quiet carriage quiet and the camaraderie of the fellow travellers (although, on Sydney’s mountains line at this time of day it’s more than likely people I don’t have much connection to: rascly young people). Oh, and there is extra excitement as it is the train, sans offspring. Its actual no-one-talking-to-me-or-touching-me bliss.

I’m on my way to meet a couple of girlfriends at a swans match, plus then I’ll be staying at my sister’s place so I don’t have the bugger of a late night trip all the way home. I managed to remember my noise canceling headphones, and thus I’m able to listen to my preferred, non-wiggles style music; and loudly:

Now, I’m off to enjoy my happy space:



Filter has changed my life

Filter Coffee has changed my life.

How’s that statement for a little hyperbole? Let’s be honest though, I’m not exactly known for my understated reactions. I LOVE everything, or anything positive WELL AND TRULY CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

This morning as I walked into one of my few local haunts (oh how life has changed. The local haunt is no longer the pub), I didn’t even need to order my coffee: The barista just knew my order. It’s not that I’m at this place everyday, but he shared with me that he “remembers all of his Filter drinkers”. Previously I was a snobby Flat White or Piccolo drinker – always analysing the texture of the milk and savouring the rather full feeling a Large Flatty would impart. But, something changed and I started drinking black coffee. Long Blacks were the way, and I quite enjoyed knocking back one or two, but I never really found the same satisfaction at the end of a good cup.

Enter Grimace and his love of Filter coffee. What an influence on me he can be. Now, don’t let the stereotype of bad (American) filter coffee cloud your judgement… If you don’t mind drinking your coffee sans milk, and you have access to a barista who knows what they’re doing with decent beans, then I’d highly recommend giving it a go. It definitely helps having a barista who is an Aeropress champion, but not necessary – I even manage to punch out a decent cup, on an aeropress, using the right beans.

I’m far from an expert on the matter, not really knowing or understanding at all why the taste is so good – but, it is and it has always reminded me of a good wine or Gin: The flavours smoothly cross over the palette, finishing with a lovely desire for more.

And while there is nothing like a good mug-o-joe to sit and savour the flavour, it is also an apt time to sit and acknowledge the simple ritual of coffee. I love any chance to reflect on life and so this morning I sat down for some good old introspection. After a double school and daycare drop off, I was in desparate need of some down time. It was in this downtime that I was able to identify what has changed for me in quite a small timeframe – I’m no longer in the popular flat white crowd; I’m a memorable filter drinker. I don’t takeaway coffee as often as I used to – I’d rather sit for a pause in my day, and let the ritual play out. I’ve also found I’m no longer as reliant on coffee to get my day going – sure, it helps that the kids are a little older these days.

There have been a few big things that have changed in my life recently, things that I anticipated, things that I certainly didn’t – learning how to run and the realisation of goal setting, the loss of my mother in law and a new job being far closer to home, all encompassed by an ever-changing family dynamic with the little people discovering more and more. But, the one thing that I savour the most, is that lovely abundance of smooth flavour in the ritual of drinking my filter coffee 🙂


Time out for this mumma

Getting time away from daily life functions seems to get difficult as the years pass. Either the kids have something planned or there is a birthday party or another function you don’t want to miss, or perhaps more painfully, there is just that time around home that must be spent before it gets too hard if you miss spending the time to do all those boring, yet to essential chores. It seems recently though, I’ve not had a problem with missing said boring, yet essential chores.

Getting away with Grimace nearly a month ago to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss, followed by a family adventure down to Country Victoria and now I find myself away on a weekend trip to Berry (NSW) with my besties from uni days.

I’ve found it wonderful to rediscover, or be reminded of the liberation trips can bring (particularly the type that is sans children), and the importance of stopping to reflect on the time out you’ve given yourself. I quite often give my kids a time in; you know, when they’ve acted in a way that is less than ideal. And the theory is essentially the same… time to reconnect and to calm down/address the inner turmoil. The time -in approach relies on the human contact and closeness, where as this time out approach relies heavily on the distance. Distance from housework, distance from the day -to-day planning and distance from my loved ones to reinvigorate my inner self.

Having gone for a walk this morning amongst the stunning scenery of Berry, I’m now enjoying a quiet coffee before heading out for a very civilised lunch.

I’m hoping my little foray into self indulgence will inspire freshness within and a reconnection with myself in order to be the Moody Mumma/ individual that recreates satisfaction.


The Sixth Year

Today marks a very special place in my heart. Today, six years ago Grimace and I welcomed our first-born, Giggles Magoo into the world. It’s hard to identify why the sixth birthday is significant, but after some contemplation, I think I’ve recognised that turning six well and truly means my Little Love is no longer as young as he was.

Well, duh. They get older. That’s obvious. But, there is a boundary that changes when they are six, or rather, I’ve perceived there will be a widening of the boundaries when the age of six happens and a lessening of my sphere of influence. It’s all well and good to have thoughts on these things, but when it’s playing out, it’s pretty mind-blowing to actually be celebrating a sixth birthday!

Sure, the parenting days are very different to what they were 6 years ago: toileting habits are much more independent, feeding is no longer an emotional and physical rollercoaster that drags out for hours and sleeping arrangements are FAR easier etc etc. But, each age challenges you as a person, as a parent, just that little but more. Oh what I wouldn’t do for that connection with newborn Giggles Magoo, where I was his only world – the smiles, the gurgles and the cuddles. Don’t get me wrong – It is very lovely to see my boy connect with the world around him as a child: making friends, listening intently to other adults, absorbing the every day like a sponge – I am darn proud of him. But, I realise I haven’t processed the emotional side of him leaving newborn/toddler/pre-schooler age. I suppose while all that was happening, I was busy with the other Little Love that came into our family – Little Mate, and I probably wasn’t able to give it much thought.

If you’ve not met him yet, Giggles Magoo is a force to be reckoned with – lovely and sweet, but I defy anyone that comes across his path to change his mind when he has it made up. He knows exactly what he wants (mostly…in a six-year-old context anyway) and perhaps the bigger picture isn’t his focus yet, you have your work cut out if you try to convince him any other way. He is fiercely competitive and always quick to know what is right. He is patient and gentle as well as impatient and like a whirlwind, all at the same time. He loves his little brother dearly, if not fiercely. I hope he maintains all of these traits, along with his ability to bring a lighthearted angle to any situation. Oh my, his laugh is completely infectious – when you hear it, you can’t help but laugh along with him. Giggles Magoo, what a leader you will make.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating my first Littlest Love – HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGGLES MAGOO!