Telling stories

The universe seems to have reminded me that I always have a story to share. Not in the “make up” or fictional story sense, rather just the sharing of some of what transpires in my world. You see, I always seem to have the slightly absurd or the completely inane life moment where I then find myself sharing with anyone that will listen (and as I live in a community where I pretty much know everybody, it’s a lot of people I share the narrative with). And as it turns out, I quite enjoyed broadcasting this narrative to you over the years (which is how this little slice of interwebs came about), I really found my creative outlet. But as time went by, I lost my way sharing these stories.

I somehow lost my confidence in what anyone else would find interesting and I started to do what high school English did to me… The negative framing I gave myself ended up inferring I wasn’t really good enough. Hello, blog imposter. That approach robbed me of my permission to write (then and now) and actually for a time I lost that creative output. Anyway, let’s just say I love to share my story and I think those that are subject to my verbal stories need a break, so I’m here, sharing with you (again, again).

Right now, I’m going to share one of the more lighter stories in my current world, perhaps you’ll possibly lean toward it not even being a story. I don’t really mind. I’m not going to yet regale you with the tale of my rescue by helicopter from a semi-remote location (which made made the nightly news) or the time I got a horrible post-viral rash literally all over my body (in the summertime heat). Nope, actually, I don’t think I’ll ever write about a rash. That just doesn’t seem right!

This time, I’m going to share with you the time I was reflecting to my colleague, Kiralee that I’m a storyteller and really love having an outlet for that kind of creativity. And she simply said to me, “YOU HAVE A BLOG?? Have you written one about me? Why don’t you write one with my name in it? Just do the writing”. So this little piece is dedicated to you Kiralee, for being the person who reminded me to value my own creativity (and yes, who really does deserve more than one lame blog with her name in it!)

Photo of completely irrelevant to my post, but I love the sunset!

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