We live for a long weekend

With the passing of another long weekend, Theverymoodyhousehold made sure to take advantage.

A few train trips and a ferry ride saw me and the young ‘uns arrive at Manly (Grimace was far more sensible and opted to drive down after work. Seriously, public transport with a three year old. What was I thinking?!).

But, the main thing was, I got us to the city without yelling or pretending they weren’t mine (mostly using snacks to keep them both at bay). We even managed a very civil visit to the Myer Toy level, with each fella choosing a lego set.

No prizes for picking their preferred Lego theme…

Anyway, once Grimace joined us in Manly, we very much enjoyed the scenery and some lovely winter beach action.

As Sydney is currently colorfully lit up at night (Thank You Vivid!) We decided to take advantage and check out the Taronga Zoo Vivid installation. And, we were not disappointed. The lights, the Sydney vistas and the excited crowd buzz gave us an adventure to remember, even if we did get really bloody wet.

After all that awesomeness, there was plenty of time for this (which is what I secretly live for):


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