June, 2018. This means we’re halfway through the year, right?! I prefaced Theverymoodyhousehold’s year as “The Year of Change”, and boy, was I on the money: new schools, new jobs, losses of loved ones, new life, new adventures.

I think we are doing a pretty good job at adapting to life as it comes at us. Grimace, Giggles Magoo and Little Mate all seem to be taking it in their stride and embracing where we find ourselves.

But, only looking at those things means it’s easy to overlook or miss some of the beauty in life from the everyday. When I posted that, what I had forgotten about was the constants. The things that make you shine from the inside. Family, friends, food, music, my loves, new days, the sun setting to close a day, the change in the season. My introspection.

All these things will continue to occur, no matter the changes.

So, a mid-year check in from me. Don’t forget to look at your everyday. I clearly did and perhaps missed a little of the beautiful detail. But, alas, the sun will arise tomorrow.



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