On the train again

Another train trip to the city and this is me: 🤗😄

Not exactly one’s usual reaction to a late Saturday afternoon, public transport, hour long trip, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve missed the train rides. My old job meant i traveled to the city and back two or three times a week. Since changing jobs, I now drive and I’ve missed the ghastly purple vinyl seats, the quiet carriage quiet and the camaraderie of the fellow travellers (although, on Sydney’s mountains line at this time of day it’s more than likely people I don’t have much connection to: rascly young people). Oh, and there is extra excitement as it is the train, sans offspring. Its actual no-one-talking-to-me-or-touching-me bliss.

I’m on my way to meet a couple of girlfriends at a swans match, plus then I’ll be staying at my sister’s place so I don’t have the bugger of a late night trip all the way home. I managed to remember my noise canceling headphones, and thus I’m able to listen to my preferred, non-wiggles style music; and loudly:

Now, I’m off to enjoy my happy space:



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