The Sixth Year

Today marks a very special place in my heart. Today, six years ago Grimace and I welcomed our first-born, Giggles Magoo into the world. It’s hard to identify why the sixth birthday is significant, but after some contemplation, I think I’ve recognised that turning six well and truly means my Little Love is no longer as young as he was.

Well, duh. They get older. That’s obvious. But, there is a boundary that changes when they are six, or rather, I’ve perceived there will be a widening of the boundaries when the age of six happens and a lessening of my sphere of influence. It’s all well and good to have thoughts on these things, but when it’s playing out, it’s pretty mind-blowing to actually be celebrating a sixth birthday!

Sure, the parenting days are very different to what they were 6 years ago: toileting habits are much more independent, feeding is no longer an emotional and physical rollercoaster that drags out for hours and sleeping arrangements are FAR easier etc etc. But, each age challenges you as a person, as a parent, just that little but more. Oh what I wouldn’t do for that connection with newborn Giggles Magoo, where I was his only world – the smiles, the gurgles and the cuddles. Don’t get me wrong – It is very lovely to see my boy connect with the world around him as a child: making friends, listening intently to other adults, absorbing the every day like a sponge – I am darn proud of him. But, I realise I haven’t processed the emotional side of him leaving newborn/toddler/pre-schooler age. I suppose while all that was happening, I was busy with the other Little Love that came into our family – Little Mate, and I probably wasn’t able to give it much thought.

If you’ve not met him yet, Giggles Magoo is a force to be reckoned with – lovely and sweet, but I defy anyone that comes across his path to change his mind when he has it made up. He knows exactly what he wants (mostly…in a six-year-old context anyway) and perhaps the bigger picture isn’t his focus yet, you have your work cut out if you try to convince him any other way. He is fiercely competitive and always quick to know what is right. He is patient and gentle as well as impatient and like a whirlwind, all at the same time. He loves his little brother dearly, if not fiercely. I hope he maintains all of these traits, along with his ability to bring a lighthearted angle to any situation. Oh my, his laugh is completely infectious – when you hear it, you can’t help but laugh along with him. Giggles Magoo, what a leader you will make.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating my first Littlest Love – HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGGLES MAGOO!


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