Time out for this mumma

Getting time away from daily life functions seems to get difficult as the years pass. Either the kids have something planned or there is a birthday party or another function you don’t want to miss, or perhaps more painfully, there is just that time around home that must be spent before it gets too hard if you miss spending the time to do all those boring, yet to essential chores. It seems recently though, I’ve not had a problem with missing said boring, yet essential chores.

Getting away with Grimace nearly a month ago to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss, followed by a family adventure down to Country Victoria and now I find myself away on a weekend trip to Berry (NSW) with my besties from uni days.

I’ve found it wonderful to rediscover, or be reminded of the liberation trips can bring (particularly the type that is sans children), and the importance of stopping to reflect on the time out you’ve given yourself. I quite often give my kids a time in; you know, when they’ve acted in a way that is less than ideal. And the theory is essentially the same… time to reconnect and to calm down/address the inner turmoil. The time -in approach relies on the human contact and closeness, where as this time out approach relies heavily on the distance. Distance from housework, distance from the day -to-day planning and distance from my loved ones to reinvigorate my inner self.

Having gone for a walk this morning amongst the stunning scenery of Berry, I’m now enjoying a quiet coffee before heading out for a very civilised lunch.

I’m hoping my little foray into self indulgence will inspire freshness within and a reconnection with myself in order to be the Moody Mumma/ individual that recreates satisfaction.


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