Ten Years for Theverymoodyhousehold

Dear Grimace, my biggest love.

We’ve made it to ten years. Ten years ago today, we ‘tied the knot’. That goddamn priest must have been a previous boy scout or naval sailor or something, as the knot was tied good and proper and we’ve prospered together. I still remember that night, in fact the entire weekend with so much joy. I felt loved by you, by your family, my family and our wider community. I also remember feeling pride: pride for the wonderful celebration we organised; pride for knowing I was going to have you with me for the rest of forever.

We’ve achieved so much together and on our own as individuals knowing we’re fully supported by the other (better) half. We’ve made sure we acknowledged and celebrated it all. Upon reflection, I’ve decided another of our strengths has been to learn how to celebrate the things that didn’t work out, the things that weren’t quite a failure. You make me laugh, make me scream with frustration, but mostly you just make me feel complete and way less vulnerable. With you by my side I know I just need to give something a go and your support will aid my determination.

You have always encouraged me – encouraged me to be the happy and driven person. You’ve set me up with a mountain bike, a motorbike, a passion for running and walking, a passion for live music (it was you who made me listen to Camp Cope…I still remember you saying “Babe, I’ve come across this band that I think you’ll really like”. It was you who introduced me to The Bronx, to Against Me! and to a multitude of other bands that have become a big part of my music love). I always feel inspired to encourage you and I hope that you see my harassing of you as the same encouragement that you offer me. Perhaps I need to fine tune the delivery of my encouragement 🙂

Your kind, caring and gentle soul always seems to get a smile and a story out of everyone you come across. While you are a self-confessed introvert, I see the joy you get out of hearing everybody else’s story – you are fascinated by the  unique way each person will walk this world. I’m learning that your gentle soul can also be awash with ferocity when there is something that you want, or believe should be. Not ferocious in a violent way, rather a focused and resilient way and you will work hard to make it work. You are incredibly loyal and I have benefited in so many ways from you and all these wonderful traits. I’m learning that you are a direct replica of both your mother and father by emulating their approach.

Grimace, here’s to the 10 years past, and the rest we have ahead. We are reaching for the stars together with love, companionship and laughs. The tougher times seem to blur into the shinier times. Maybe it’s my predisposition to see the happier things in life, but I genuinely feel that most of our time is happiness and that is joy. I love everything about you babe xx

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One thought on “Ten Years for Theverymoodyhousehold

  1. Beautiful words sis! Congratulations on 10 yrs!! You guys are amazing together & I love the support and love you both have for each other, for your family & for those who mean a lot to you. I look up to you both & am inspired by your love for each other. Enjoy celebrating such an achievement. xox


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