Where is our autumnal weather?

The autumn months have hit our calendar, but the weather isn’t really playing along… it’s not the conventional autumn we’re used to (it’s going to be a top of 33 degrees today) and so we are full of anticipation; restless in our anticipation for when it is going to get cold, impatiently anticipating all those things that a change of season brings.

A few things have been ruffling the impatience and restlessness…When daylight savings was stopped for the season all those weeks ago, I felt a sense of relief that I must admit I’ve never felt before.  I was relieved that the season would be changing, the days shorter and the weather cooler. Yet, here we are still feeling the lack of energy only a hot day can impart.

I’m off work today with Little Mate who has unfortunately fallen foul of the flu – those with young ‘uns will know very well that sickness is the first sign of change of season. Doc confirmed an ear infection is really the cause of the miserable behaviour, and while easily treatable, I can’t help begrudge the unnecessary heat at this time of year as being the cause.

Giggles Magoo has just about finished his first full term of school (4 days to go), and quite remarkably is not ready for holidays. He has fallen into the throes of school with ease and is enjoying the ‘everyday’ of his teacher and peers. But, I do think the holidays will come and the right time to keep him feeling engaged. And us too. Grimace and I have survived the school induction and are awaiting the school holiday craziness.

So, my general theme at the moment is waiting: waiting for autumn to really appear (and for the heat to kick it down a notch), waiting for the complete change in pace that winter offers. Waiting for life to find it’s groove again.




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