Long Weekend = Family Time

Our Easter Long Weekend wasn’t so much planned – previously, we’d committed to a camping trip, but after the sudden passing of Grimace’s mother we thought it best to stay close to home and family. The thought was to not plan anything and just see how the weekend plays out, and we’d come through the other side well rested and connected. Ha. Didn’t really think that one through – as the weekend drew closer and closer, there were dreamy chats suggesting bushwalks, there was talk of house and yard work, of baking, of picnics, of play dates with friends, of concerts, of attending football matches, easter egg hunts – the weekend was ours to do as we pleased! And didn’t we just do that…actually, we just about did all of that!

Thursday was a very busy day for us, with Giggles Magoo’s first Easter Hat Parade at school plus a few other errands that I had stupidly left until the day before the long weekend. After the madness that was that day we rented Boss Baby and enjoyed an easy Thursday night to relax into the long weekend.

We’d learned that one of Grimace’s besties was in town with his little gal, so for Friday we organised a bushwalking party like no other – Gra, Grumps, Grandad, Timmy, Lucy, Grimace, Giggles Magoo, Little Mate & I made our way with what seemed like ALL of Sydney to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains National Park and we walked from Pulpit Rock to Govett’s Leap Lookout.

This is a beautiful walk to do, with views that go on for dayssssssssssssssssssss. The Pulpit Rock lookout is my lookout of choice in the mountains – you find yourself pretty much out in the glorious valley. The walk is definitely achievable for kids – just maybe take a friend, plenty of water and snacks to keep them interested. The walk is listed as 3km and hard grade, but I think it was closer to 4.5km and a medium grade (no real technical components to the trail, no large hills – grandparents and toddlers all coped just fine with it).


Friday night was spent with Grandad by the pool for what will more than likely be the last summer swim. We BBQ’d some seafood and then watched some cricket and tried to avoid talking about the much-discussed sandpaper-treason.

Saturday saw me take an 8km run, followed by a lazy day with the boys – grocery shopping and messing things up around home. The paint was out, the cricket was in action, we bounced each other on the trampoline, we played bike races and watched the clouds blow over. I was in mummy-heaven. Laughs were a-plenty, dirtiness was key and there was much talk of brothers being best-friends.

Following on from the afternoon activities, Saturday evening included beers (for the grown ups) and more BBQ action, this time with some Moreton Bay Bugs. I gotta say, I think I adore bugs more than prawns. As I’ve grown up, my taste buds aren’t enjoying the prawns as much and I’ve found myself going for the bug option when I can. We kept it super simple, with Garlic, butter, flat parsley and pepper as the flavours, serving with an crunchy-asian slaw and a simple garden salad. Delicious! We ate this far too quickly to snap any pics, so you’ll just have to re-create it yourself for an image.

Sunday was the busiest day out of the weekend – easter bunny delivery discovery from 6am, followed by an extended family breakfast and egg hunt, running into a Royal Botanic Gardens picnic, finishing with our first Sydney Swans AFL game for the season. Needless to say, there was much tiredness that night!

Monday saw me at my most adventurous…I ran 16km with the Serotonin Running Group, heading out along the Kedumba Valley fire-trail.


This is definitely the furthest I’ve adventured in a loooooong time, and I have to say I absolutely relished the chance to take in the views, challenge all my body parts on the 5km vertical climb out and the proud feelings I had at the completion. The best thing about it all was that I’d returned home to the boys by 10.30am and was able to enjoy a home day, getting up-to-date with some much-neglected yard and house tasks.

I think we all ended up back at school or work for a rest!

One thought on “Long Weekend = Family Time

  1. Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend! I can’t believe you ran 8km on Sat and another 16km on Sun! You’re a machine! Well done! (17km was the furthest I ran before smashing out the half marathon – you’re so ready!! Go for it girl! 💪👣👏😃)


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