It’s been the most turbulent month of my life, I think. Anyway, things have started to move in a direction that I want to call forwards, but that word doesn’t seem to fit. I’ve been really looking forward to writing about my thoughts and feelings, plus the few adventures we’ve had.

So, I made myself a Gin & Tonic and thought “I’ll sit down, have a quick yarn to Grimace and then I’ll knuckle down and bang out a post, soothing my soul along the way”. Ha. Well, I drank the Gin & Tonic (double shot, I might add), spoke to Grimace and started internetting kitchen renovation designs. And 90 minutes later, here I am: an empty blog, an empty glass and an empty soul after looking through millions of perfectly designed show-room kitchens.

So, I’m awfully sorry – I’ve been sidetracked; don’t expect much more from me tonight!

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