Schools in

As I sit here sit here typing this out, I am surrounded by craziness. Not the craziness I have come to know with my own kidlets, rather the craziness of all the parents at a cafe after school drop off. I’ve been in this exact spot, at this exact time of the day and sat through the same mania that seems to come once the school drop has succeeded. But, today is different for me, you see – I have joined them; I am now in drop off mode and counting down the small amount of hours I have until I need to retrace my steps and collect them again.

I have just dropped Little Mate at his new day care centre, and then dropped Giggles Magoo for his third day of kindergarten. I have joined the ranks of the parents who have 6 hours to run around and solve all the problems of the world, and then be back at the school for a 3pm pick up.

Granted, I won’t be dropping off each day (when I typed this up and forgot to schedule the post to be published, I was on my lucky last day of annual leave), nor will I be picking up each day as we’ll be sharing that luxury with the before and after school care lady… But, it was nice to be there for day 3 and wave goodbye at a game of handball.

It’s been a wonderful first few days, seeing my little ball of energy that is Giggles Magoo adjust into his place at school. His classroom is as endearing as a kindy room can be, his teacher kind and enthusiastic and his school grounds wonderful. I must admit his resilience at the whole process has amazed me, and I am so proud that he is adjusting to the environment so easily.

Now, if only Grimace and I can maintain the same resilience in the face of the daily lunch box preparations. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Finn's first day of school 1.2.2018

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