That’s what weekends are for

Running, bushwalking, swimming, finding delicious market produce (okay, okay, and finding some dumplings too), hanging out at home, hanging out at the coffee shop, hanging out with the kids and friends at birthday parties, hanging out for dinner at the parents place, one on one puzzle time, giggles in the grass. The weekend is definitely for all these things, or rather, the weekend that is now only a memory was filled with all these things.

After a week that has included many an adult stress for Grimace and I, it was lovely to spend lots of time outdoors and with the kiddies.

I’ve begun to realise that my two are at the age now, whereby they will remember a grab or two when they’re older, or entire scenarios from this time in their life. It’s the time in their life where The Endless Summer is exactly that: long days, filled with fun things and v.e.r.y. little responsibility. The bushwalks we take together, the pool swims, the backyard cricket games – all these fun, yet entirely unplanned things will give them their warm and fuzzy summer identity.

The irony is not lost on me as I sit here writing this, it’s cold and rainy (and I’m definitely not complaining, the rain is a much-needed and a welcome change from the stifling heat and humidity we’ve been having), but the inclement weather didn’t stop us spending a fun few hours at the public swimming pool. It’s these hours that I adore as a parent – Carefree, focused on the moment as it is playing out, smiles and laughter don’t need any work (they come oh so very naturally at these times).

I probably haven’t picked the best activity as an example of a carefree parenting moment, but it’s the last activity we did so it’s clouding all my thoughts 🙂 Sure, swimming always requires that little bit more attention, however with one very capable swimmer, two parents in the water and a whole heap of kiddies around to play with, carefree and living in the moment were definitely themes from the day. Thinking about it though, swimming with kids is essentially a great activity to practise ‘being in the moment’. Your thoughts cannot wander, your focus needs to be on the activities of each kid – your own, or others close by. Sure, you can chat and play away, but at the end of the day your mind needs to be able to clear out any topics that will distract you from your responsibility. The risk is far too great.

Wow, started to get a bit lecturey and dark there, didn’t I? Thanks, introspect. In all seriousness though, finding the balance of being an organised parent, along with the ability to be carefree and live in the moment is a hard balance I’ve been working on for near on 6 years now, and I can say that the work does pay off, especially on the weekend. Afterall, they are for enjoying x

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