For the love of music, let me write!

I quite often dream about writing music reviews – live shows, releases, anniversary release related posts; anything to do with music really. ***The dreams also quite often include me rocking out up on stage, shredding like a pro. I can’t sing and I definitely can’t play guitar.

I love music, especially when it is in the live format. I especially love the journey one undertakes when discovering a new band or artist and the joy at working through their catalogue. I’m not so great just yet at articulating why I like the song/album/show – rather, I like to focus on how it makes me feel. I’m quite open to experimenting and finding a new favourite song or artist/band; open to the feeling you get when you stumble onto something that stands out. So, combining my love of music with my love of writing these blog posts, theoretically, I can only be onto a winner.

But, the thing is I’m lamely lying to myself when I think of myself as remotely ‘with it’ enough to be blogging with any great regularity on new music. Between listening to Camp Cope (obsessed much?!), working part-time, commuting/sleeping on the way to the part-time job, parenting with love, being a decent and responsible human, I don’t have an abundance of space to ‘discover’ the new stuff. As a default, I will quite often listen to what I know. It’s a little depressing to think I am only limited by my memory/recently played list. The truth is, I’ve come to rely heavily on a simple rule that exists in Theverymoodyhousehold.

Grimace and I have had one live music rule for many a year, and that is “NEVER, EVER MISS THE SUPPORT”. It is something we drummed into our concert-going friends, and always taken great pride in supporting the supports. Following this golden rule, I’ve been introduced to epic bands that have gone on to shape the industry, artists that have taken off, bands/artists that haven’t really taken off (and probably shouldn’t ever take off because they’ve sucked), bands that I wished had taken off and of course other acts that really shaped my music tastes.

Having a young family, Grimace and I are breaking our rule far more than we like to admit, but on Friday night we actually:

  1. Got to a show, together
  2. Got to see the support act.

Driving to the show, I got thinking about how it was that I ended up in the lucky position of knowing about the show, and securing tix to the sold-out show. I was able to work it back, and realised that we were in Glebe at The Record Crate, all because I followed the “never miss” rule:

Rewind about 8 or so years – I’d built a healthy obsession with Jen Buxton (after seeing her support Frank Turner at the Annandale, back in its Glory Days), and when she hadn’t played a show in Sydney for a long time, I dropped everything (including two children; dropped them around at a friend’s place. HaHaHa there you were thinking I’d physically DROPPED them) to get to her show at the now-defunct Blackwire, I think supporting The Hard Aches. Grimace and I had gotten the set times incredibly wrong, and we just caught the end of Jen’s set (sob), but as it turned out, we were there in time to catch Camp Cope’s set. It was at the back of Blackwire, on a sweltering Sunday afternoon I watched them awkwardly rock out, refreshing my take on what it was that I like in music. Georgia’s weirdly profound lyrics, Kelly-Dawn’s banging bass and Thommo’s beanie-laden sad drummer face – was all so simple, so refreshing and it just resonated wholly with me. Ever since this fateful Sunday, I have jumped at any chance to see or indeed just listen to any and all of their releases (as an act or individuals). In this weird social media-era, I also follow each member, so I know far more about their daily life than I should do.

On Friday night (12 January 2018), Camp Cope’s lead singer, Georgia Maq played an intimate show in Sydney (to celebrate her previous split with Spencer Scott, of Paper Thin). As the story goes, I’d been slow to nab tickets and unfortunately, they’d sold out (sob sob) before I got my butt into gear. The day before the show, stalky social media suggested I “RSVP to the organisers to let them know if I’m going”. Clicking on the event page, a post offloading two tix to the show popped up – luckily for me, the tix were still available and after a couple of donations to Girls Rock Sydney and Melbourne, I had the tix in my hot little hands (or inbox anyway). Cool story.

So anyway, Grimace and I rocked up and actually got to abide our rule – solo show from Sports Bra’s member, Dog Dirt (A.K.A Zoe). And I gotta say, I loved her solo stuff far more than the group’s. Her heart-wrenching lyrics were delivered in a larrikin style, yet maintained complete clarity and conviction in working though the challenge that is life. Her raw and powerful topics were presented to a crowd that quite obviously knew Dog Dirt, and appreciated her performance. And while I probably can’t say Sports Bra will be on my “All Time” list, it was nice to abide the rules again and catch an artist I will definitely see again. I’m wondering to which bands this little show will lead me…

P.S. Georgia Maq was awesome, and Spencer Scott too.




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