2017 in review, sort of

There is nothing like a new year to kick you in the butt. I have been drafting the Year in Review blog that I feel I should do, but didn’t get to. I was busy being on holidays – you know, what we all aspire to be on! I promised myself I would enjoy the end of year holiday and not stress about getting the right pictures or draft any content. And I have to tell you, I did very much enjoy my holiday – playing with the boys on the beach, sipping gin with loved ones, challenging my legs and lung capacity with a few runs… it was an ace end of year!

But, while I was doing all these holidaying things, I did reflect on the year that was 2017 and I have decided it would be nice to document a couple of things. While I had some personal highlights and funtimes (I’m sure this is a word in its own right), it was a year that I feel should be titled ‘Struggle”. I struggled to balance everything. I made a promise to focus on personal growth and reflection, but at times struggled to balance this with quality family time or quality Grimace time. I struggled to keep up this blog, but had some fantastic adventures and subsequent posts that really helped grow my content and engagement. I got my motorcycle licence but struggled to find the time or desire to ride (even though I love it!). I struggled to come to terms with my parenting style and accepting that I don’t need to be perfect – I just need to be; but I am feeling so very connected and at peace with Giggles Magoo and Little Mate as they both finished up a hectic 2017.

I suppose there wasn’t any major grief or loss, but I was able to see a whole lot of struggling by those loved ones around me and struggled to see how I could help them through. I think maybe, it was the year I realised that my empathy level for people is extensive. When they are struggling, I look at them and want to help them. I want to understand them, their situation and how they have come to be at this time in their journey. And while that I think it is something positive, something I want to strive to do, I also think sometimes I over-complicate things and probably take on too much. I feel a responsibility to my loved ones, to make sure they can be the best they can be. With a little understanding of myself, I can begin to really have confidence in this positive aspect of my personality.

But personal reflection aside, 2017 was a year of adventures, discovery and getting ready for new adventures ahead. 2018 will see Theverymoodyhousehold experience a few changes to our little existence – Giggles Magoo is off to start school, Little Mate is starting a new Day care centre, Grimace is taking on different hours at work and I while I will mostly remain the same (in terms of routine), my focus will be to support the new family structure in whatever way possible. We’ll meet come across new communities as we settle into our new environments, which means new friends, new commitments and getting to know our family capacity.

2017 saw some big highlights for theverymoodyhousehold – travels to Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Austria (all for the first time); some personal goals drove me to get my motorcycle licence (did I say that already?), start running and run 5km for the first time in a VERY long time. I’m probably missing a whole heap of highlights, but I think my biggest personal achievement was getting to know me again – now that the new roles in my life are well and truly cemented (think mother, wife, professional, social being, blog writer), I took the time to remember the essence of me and embrace how this has changed. I undertook some self-directed reflection (also took the time to do Bettina Rae’s Vive, 21 day challenge) and reaped many a benefit, including the knowledge that I need to remember the very essence of me and that I need to foster this as much as possible.

I learned that when I ask for help, I can achieve great things. I asked for help when I was struggling with illness – doctors to the rescue. I asked for help when I struggled to find motivation to keep up my motorcycle riding – friend to the rescue with just a couple of rides together and I was inspired once more. I asked for help when my idea of outdoorsy me wasn’t where I want it to be – enter amazing running program and now I’m feeling far more empowered about me running than I’ve ever felt before. Hell, I’m even making goals to run 10km and setting a long-term goal to do Trailwalker again.

So, in hindsight, while I think 2017 was a year of struggle, I also think that reflecting on these struggles I’ve learned A LOT about myself and used it to put my life into context.

2018 is already looking brighter xx


Theverymoodyhousehold in 2017 – our year in Social Media Pictures

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