One for the memory bank

With Monday now under my belt, I feel it appropriate to write about the weekend that was. There is nothing quite as a depressing as a Monday back in the office after a lovely celebratory weekend, so a reflection on the weekend that was is rather essential.

I spent the weekend in similar fashion to that as mid-twenties me would have, rather than the responsible adult-me usually does. And it was grand. And I was so busy enjoying the 48 hours, I forgot to take any photos, other than the goofy one you’ll get to at the end. Actually, I don’t think I even took that pic – that credit obviously goes to Jake.

Friday night was to hang out with my perfect friends whom I have known for 5, going on 6 years. Yes, we bonded during those first few weeks of becoming new parents, and I have to tell you, without these outstanding ladies in my life, I may very well not be the pleasant person I generally strive to be. By trusting the process of friendship, each of us was able to be entirely vulnerable and received loads of support, affirmation and laughs as a result. Anyway, fast forward five-or-so years, and we find ourselves sitting with drinks in hand, waiting for our banquet to be served at Penrith’s newest bar, Mr Watkins. Whilst yelling over music isn’t entirely my thing, the delicious food and tasty drinks did ease that somewhat and I’d like to say the vibe of the establishment surprised me.

After maybe a drink or three too many, it was 5am wake up for me after Little Mate remembered I hadn’t been around the evening before. And I knew the day was going to be A Great One, as I had zero feelings of resentment for being forced out of bed at 5:01am. We watched a sunrise together, where he kept asking if the sky was on 🔥. We played on the car mat, plotting traffic jams to rival any Sydney blockage, and then Little Mate made Grimace and Giggles Magoo scrambled eggs for breakfast – my not yet 3 year old cracked the eggs, poured the milk in (granted I did pour the right amount into a jug so he could pour himself) and mixed altogether. Once the pan was hot enough, he slurped it all in and stood there stirring until it was “all done”. He went screaming into Grimace to announce “bekfast is weady”. I seriously cannot wait until I can get this kid cooking his own gourmet inventions – he has a natural affinity to the kitchen, or rather it could be a natural affinity to the mess he can legally create whilst at the helm of our galley-style kitchen. Either way, it sure is going to be fun when he wants to make me a 3 course meal (with drinks to match, please).

After washing what I’m sure was every single kitchen dish, pan and serving implement, I got the kiddies ready for a sleep over with their “other family”. Rewinding to my previous paragraph, the boys and I have been lucky to befriend a family from my mother’s group, in which they feel completely at ease when hanging out at their place. In fact, both boys at times prefer their “other family”. Anyway, after I dropped them for a sleep over, I headed to the city to celebrate my wonderful SIL’S SURPRISE 40th.

I spent the entire afternoon smiling, socialising with Wendy’s fabulous circle of friends and eating delicious Greek food (including possibly the best hommus of my life) at Kepos & Co. in Waterloo. I should also add in we of course sipped on delicious bubbles and the matching wines. I think my favourite part of the afternoon was watching Wendy rock into the restaurant, and at discovering the extent of the surprise, loudly proclaiming us all “fuckers”. It was truly the best reaction! My second favourite bit was having 3 of the 4 siblings in the one spot, with no parenting responsibilities, before my bro and Wendy head back to the land of chocolate, watches, tennis super stars and snow.

After stuffing ourselves completely, we headed to Archie Rose Distillery in Rosebery, for a few merry gin-based drinks. I previously announced my love of gin, so none of you should be at all surprised when I say I really enjoyed this part of the evening.

Anyway, the only photo I have of my weekend shows just how merry these gin drinks were:

After celebrating Wendy on Saturday and my mother’s group friendship on Friday night, Sunday was filled with another lovely past-time: home time and pool time with the fam bam.

It really was a weekend that I’m grateful to have in the memory bank

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