Well, what a difference the change in season brings. I’m sure it’s not just me either – the days are longer, the weather is far warmer, the attitudes of the general public seem lighter, the flowers are blooming and the baby animals are all cute (even those noisy myna birds).

A month or so ago, I was not enjoying August. I was snappy, impatient, focusing on the wrong things and generally all over the shop. I certainly shed a few tears, but then something wonderful happened… I somehow remembered to re-frame how I was perceiving things. Sure, it wasn’t instantaneous, I’ve had to work each day to keep the re-framing positive, but overall life is pretty bright again.

As September rolled through into October, Theverymoodyhousehold has had some clarity on school and care options for the boys in 2018, which has allowed the planner in me to start looking at how our life will take shape in the new year. I’ve been able to start inserting each of us into any plans we had and find it amazing to see the change in perspective this brings.  

Add to the mix a little self-care, and a happy summer seems imminent. I’ve recommitted to writing each day (either here or in a gratitude journal), I’ve joined a local running program and holiday plans are edging closer and closer.

Now Grimace and I just need to work a little harder on those all important date-nights. That, and Little Mate/Giggles Magoo need to work a little harder on sleeping through the night. I love their squishy little faces, but I’m not so kind at 2am when one of them inevitably runs into our room with tears about the dark. No matter what we do (night light, no night light; bathroom light, living room light, front light, torch, water bottle, cuddly toys, other toys) we just can’t seem to shake their phobia of the dark and quiet. I’ve become far more accepting of the wake ups, and whilst I wouldn’t say completely at peace, I’d say my capacity to deal with them has certainly improved over the 5 ½ years I’ve been parenting. I’ve begun to welcome the cuddles that need to occur to help the soothing process, the stroking of my arm. As Giggles Magoo has aged, he no longer needs me anywhere near as much, and inevitable Little Mate will be the same. One day, right?!

But, I’ve diverged…the weekend is on me (ha yep, I don’t work Fridays) and I’ve got a running session I need to do. Ciao x 

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