Toilet Times of 2017… At least with a view

Last week was the kind of week you don’t ever really desire to have. Sure, there were some happy times: dinner for a birthday celebration, we spent a couple of nights away in Manly as a family over the long weekend and I passed my Motorbike P’s test. BUT, there were some less than glamourous moments, that’s for sure. You see, both Grimace and I were struck down with the dreaded gastro bug.

I got caught out apparently bragging about my family’s good bill of health across this winter/spring period… and didn’t I get my comeuppance?! I was talking all about the changes I’ve made with the boys (focus on diet and gut health) and how it must have had a positive impact…that and the fact that our family evacuated Australia at the onset of what is documented as being one of the worst flu seasons in our modern history**. Kombucha and probiotics, I proclaimed, plus an international summer holiday, have turned the family health into something that doesn’t tear through your sick leave.

I’m currently touching all of the woods, but neither Little Mate nor Giggles Magoo picked up the disgusting little germ, and thank goodness for that! It was enough getting through the outbreak for Grimace and I, without having to reason with a 2 or a 5 year old why they should just remain as close as possible to the bathroom.

We’re mostly all recovered, but I tells ya, I do not wish the cramping hell on anyone! It wasn’t all bad I suppose though…this was my view for the first 12 hours of gastro hell:

Hope you’re all off to a good start to the week x

**(I’m sure I read that headline somewhere, but of course reference schmeference. I want to join the league of crazies on the internet that can just claim something and not have to produce any reference or documentation to support the crazy claim)

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