Hanging in there

Life rarely plays out how you (loosely) plan for. I envisaged a light and funny blog, exploring our life – family, adventures, feelings, music, food. Of course, that’s how it started out, but then life’s happenings happened consistently enough to distract me from producing content.

I enjoy writing these little entries, but of late I’ve shied away from writing. Whether it’s been a time factor, content factor, forgetfulness factor, busy factor or whatever; at the end of the day they are blocks for me. I’ve had a lot to write about recently, but perhaps not the concentration to type something out. 

I’m quickly turning this little blog into a promise of doing better, aren’t I? An excuse for why I haven’t been writing, closely followed by a promise at getting better. What is clear to me from these vague statements is that I do want to do it better – now just to find the winning formula to keep me coming back. 

I did have a bit of a personal win this week – I finally got around to printing a Photobook from our July holiday. And, it’s awesome. I’ve been promising myself since the 2nd July that it’s something I really need to do, so I’m publicly celebrating the achievement. Compiling all the moments caught on camera into a pictorial depiction of the trip has all the makings for intense warm and fuzzies, and of course a glass of bubbles to toast the creation! 🥂🍾

It’s the very first photobook I’ve ever made up, and secretly I’m feeling pretty proud of the outcome. I did some research and wanted to use an Australian-based company. I probably paid more, it potentially took longer, but at the end of the day, the result is a fantastic product that I’ll happily show off to anyone who is remotely interested. Maybe avoid me for the rest of the year if you’re not interested…

Now, to get onto the almost-finished blog piece, reviewing the first stop in our trip… Montreal. Maybe stay tuned, but then again, maybe don’t. Who can say? 

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