A walk is a wondrous thing

I have recently found myself reading to the boys that old Dr Seuss classic One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish , Blue Fish – I find these rhyming books to be very catchy and I start thinking about my world in the very rhythm and patterns as in the book. 

The rhyming has sort of inspired me to write a poem about my adventure yesterday – as it was a day out of the office for me, and the boys were at the day care centre, I took myself off for a walk in the local bush. I was feeling overwhelmed, resentful and crammed by life – the constant work/family balancing act, the party planning I so stupidly keep committing to (although, the joy that each kid had at these laid-back parties makes it all worthwhile) and a general sense of disconnect to Grimace… and then there were all the chores. I need a moment, I thought! 

I headed to Florabella Pass (entrance at Ross cres, Blaxland) to make my way along the track to the Plateau Pde/Bridge rd exit (Blaxland), with a little street walk back to the beginning to make it a round walk. 

The sun was shining and I finished the walk in a much better state of mind. The peace within the bush is always a revelation for me; a reminder about the importance of taking time out from our busy society to engage with our land.

So, here goes (I think this is my second ever poem), remember to keep it to the rhythm that so often appears in Dr Seuss books:
A walk is a wondrous thing.

A walk is a beaut-i-ful place to go.

A bushwalk gives me time to slow.

The bush makes me want to sing. 

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