9 years

Yesterday marked 9 years since Grimace and I tied the knot. I still don’t believe I’m old enough to have been married 9 years…I still think of myself as 25 and that the wedding was just last year. Alas, I’m getting further and further away from age 25, as I suppose the calender cannot lie. 

12 April 2008 was a glorious day in Mudgee – prime NSW wine country. The autumn sky was a pristine blue and the falling leaves were various bright colours. The morning and evening were quite cool, but there was considerable heat through the day. 

I don’t really remember too many other minor details from the day – Mostly, I recall an overall buzz of excitement; that and the scene was set for us to make the vows…promise I remember that bit! 

At the time, the wedding felt like THE most important thing to have taken place in my life (it probably still is), but all those details Grimace and I worked so hard to plan, barely register now – I could not tell you what food we served at the reception, what time it all took place or what bugged me about the accommodation we stayed at. 

What I can tell you is: we felt incredibly happy, the food and wine were amaze, our friends and family made us feel super special, the music was remarkable and that Mudgee was a beautiful place to have it all happen. It’s these things that seem to continue to resonate in my life with Grimace – all the day-to-day planning a family needs is sometimes overwhelming in the moment, but we eventually survive, and find all the happy moments from that experience to remember how solid we are. Family, friendships, food, music and adventuring – we do always seem to come out on top (eventually).

It may not always be glamorous or endearing Grimace, but I love finding these happy moments with you by my side.  

Here’s to the next nine, and beyond xx 

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