And here we are again…the terrible/terrific twos

Tomorrow, I will wake up with a 4 (very nearly 5) year old, and a two year old. I relished all the cuddles I was given today, not wanting to rush anything further about this one year old… 

He is equal amounts of empathy, fire and brimstone, love, anger, affection, independence, frustration and cheeky comedian. 

A mere two minute reflection on my life (at 11:30pm) since Little Mate belatedly made his way into the world, my world, undoubtedly highlights the perfect little soul he is, and the amazing amount his presence has forced me to learn about me, the world and my family. I am aware of the cliched nature of my next statement, however, he has changed my life. Yeah, yeah, Giggles Magoo changed my life too – that’s the very nature of kids! But his presence has challenged me in  a way I was completely not expecting… whether it’s him, or the fact that he is my second dependent, or perhaps a combination of both; I am now a believer in my abilities. My strength as an adult, a woman and a mother has been highlighted by having this little guy in my life. 

To celebrate him and his impact on our life, I’ve been baking, and oops, breaking (see if you can spot the broken below): 

… And his birthday party cake is still to come! 

Wishing Little Mate the happiest of birthdays, may you continue to shine brightly each of your days x 

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