Rain for 9 weeks

The total clarity in which a child can cite a fact (true or completely made up) is something of a parenting highlight for me. There is something so affable in the child’s assumption that what they’ve said is obviously 100% correct, and that entertaining thoughts of other possibilities is just. not. possible. 

Saturday morning, Giggles Magoo to me – “did you know Henri Matisse was the first person ever to paint with scissors”. Say what?! How does a preschooler know that? 

I also rather like the stories that are recited back to me or Grimace that have been told in such earnest by Giggles Magoo to a grandparent/ teacher/ friend/ family friend, that the event or activity Must have occurred – the convincing way in which the story is delivered is marvelous

For example, that time a daycare educator bizarrely quizzed Grimace on whether Giggles Magoo had seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens…of course not, Grimace’s answer… afterall, he’s a pre-schooler! The educator humorously recounted all the facts Giggles Magoo had sprouted about the movie, what he and Grimace did when they were at the cinema and the fact he had been so clear and convincing of the story: “dad and I went to see the new Star Wars; yeah, yesterday <eagerley nodding>. We drove the blue car and parked in the underground car park. We even got popcorn (popcorn whispered, excitedly). Dad always let’s me see star wars”. 

He will still, to this day, say to me “Remember that time when me and dad watched star wars” … no buddy, I don’t, but the conviction in your story is inspirational! (I’m sure this trait won’t be so marvelous at age 16 when the scenarios are a little more calamitous)

His most recent claim: It is going to rain for 9 weeks (!!!!!!!)

Now, if you’re in Sydney, you’re probably going to agree with this prediction. In fact, you probably feel like it’s just going to rain forever. And ever. And ever.

So, in support of this ridiculous and outlandish claim from Giggles Magoo, which also feels like it might just turn out to be right, I’ve returned my ears to listen to  Dan Andriano in the emergency room – It’s Gonna Rain All Day check it out… it just might help those umbrella blues.

I really like Dan’s voice and the sombre, yet hopeful nature of the song. The acoustic aspects of this song quite suit the brooding me when the sky continuously dumps… you don’t want to do anything; you don’t want the hassle. But then again, you don’t want to be trapped inside and held hostage to the weather.  The song makes me think literally about the weather, but also provides an opportunity to reflect on the state of play in my world. The rain can be so refreshing if you let it… enough rambling from me though…I’m quite partial to anything he is party to – think slapstick, The Falcon, Alkaline Trio.

Side note – Did anyone else completely irrationally lose it about the rain over the weekend?? Pulling out clean clothes from my cupboard, only to have them feel wet. “WHEN WILL THE HORRORS END?!?!?!” >>>>> My weather app seems to think this weekend, which won’t be 9 weeks, but then again, it won’t matter to Giggles Magoo… he’ll regail anyone who will listen with stories of the epic adventures that played out, absolutely caused by the 9 weeks of rain. 

Happy Tuesday xx 

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