We’re doing the hot potato propeller like monkeys jumping on the bed

Little Mate is The Wiggles obsessed. Whilst there are quite often tantrums due to a misunderstanding in communication surrounding the song he needs to hear, there are also some really beautiful moments when he is singing along or doing the actions for the song. 

He can be easily swayed from a melt-down about something else by whispering sweetly “come on Little Mate, lets listen to Hot Potato Hot Potato”. He smiles, grabs a hand and it’s off to the CD player (actually a DVD player – our CD player is ironically broken by one of the boys squishing two of The Wiggles CD’s into the reader, so now its jammed). 

I don’t remember Giggles Magoo being so interested in music at the same age. In fact, in an effort to encourage his musical appreciation, i snagged us some tix for 2 year old Giggles Magoo to see The Wiggles. He walked out of the concert after about 25mins shaking his head and refusing to go back inside. I was hopeful this meant I’d not have to suffer the same fate as so many parent before me… the catchy wiggly tunes going non-stop:  over and over and over and over in your brain until you want to tear it out. But, alas – Little Mate is making up for those lost tunes by demanding them constantly. 

(Giggles Magoo is very much into music these days – his favourite band is Nirvana…”mum, I want to listen to the CD with the picture of the swimming baby trying to get the money. And turn it up loud please”)

I’m actually very proud of myself for purchasing the Re-Wiggled CD a few months back. It’s Australian bands doing their best to pay tribute to the icons that The Wiggles became. The Living End’s version of hot-potato is brilliant, as is Washington’s Do The Twist (or whatever its called). The variety of the old Wiggles, the new Wiggles and the Re-Wiggled recordings are helping the repetition seem less mundane. 

I wanted to document something as ordinary as a love of The Wiggles in an effort to keep alive the memories I’ve gathered from watching and listening to him learn the words and moves. It is all just too sweet. One day soon, it will be all but a distant memory. 

Night night x 

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