all the feels

In an attempt to keep up my habit of writing, I’m probs going to have a few inconsequential posts. I figure it is better to keep posting than not, even if, at the time I commence typing I have no idea which topic I will tackle (for example, this post! I have no idea what I’m planning to write about). 

The world can be a pretty tough place. Beautiful, but tough. I have a friend working through some pretty tough news, and all I want to do is surround her with my love. But, that would probably be fairly inconvenient for her and probably add only annoyance instead of the intended support. So, instead, I will send my best wishes and suport from afar. And while I am confused in how to support someone without suffocating them, at the same time I am excitedly anticipating the arrival home of my traveling sister. Her 9 month (ish) trip around Oz with Jake has provided much photo-porn on Insta, and made me quite jealous and excited by the chance to one-day play copy cat. 

I’ve really been missing my siblings the last few months (hello around the world), and I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve not ever been so alone on the sibling front – so to have Soph returning home is an exciting prospect and I am actually feeling all the feels. The anticipation is huge too from Giggles Magoo who keeps asking if Aunty Soph will be here for Dumpling Night…Little Mate just wonders when he can next talk to her on the phone (her, or anyone else in my address book). 

These two contrasting events in my life are both full of emotion, and really, neither of them directly involves me. I am purely a spectator with an emotional investment in both beautiful ladies. But, once you factor in all the other things in life – big things, little things, things of signigicant consequence, those with little or none…life just keeps throwing out an interesting journey. Sometimes tough, sometimes beautiful. 

So, although I had no idea what I wanted to write about when I started typing this piece (it probably makes no sense), I’ve ended up reflecting on my beautiful family and supportive friends; soundtracked to the amazing Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Sadly front-woman Sharon Jones passed away over the weekend, which is another timely reminder of the impermanence of life. Jones had so much soul in her voice and has released some amazing music over the years. I guess I count myself as lucky to live in an era whereby I could consume her music. Give the band a listen and wiggle the evening away with all the feels xx

2 thoughts on “all the feels

  1. Ahh.. Sharon.. you will be sadly missed.. and remembered as a beautiful soul singer, someone that all us siblings love equally! Hope you’re enjoying all the feels with that lovely sister of ours! 🙂 xx


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