keeping on with the tradition

As I am transporting the goods home for dinner this evening (we are up to Dumpling Thursday! Such a happy tradition in Thevermoodyhousehold these days), I’ve found myself wanting to write to you about our week. I’m part way through a full-time work stint and whilst it is fairly easy to do on the one hand (probably my right rand), it is creating chaos on the other hand (defs my left hand there). The week seems to fly by without much noticing, but at the same time the integral family tasks seem to be neverending and make going to bed at any reasonable hour nearly impossible. Throw in to the mix a birthday for Grimace and our week doesn’t feel as smooth or connected. 

Enter Dumpling Thursday. I am known for preaching to you all around my love of dumplings. Giggles Magoo seems to have an afinity with the concept, as he too will espouse the values of eating dumplings (in a way that only a 4 year old can articulate). He woke up a little on the surly side this morning, which completely disappeared at the revelation that his evening routine will include consumption of the beloved dumpling. I’m not sure if it is indeed the comfort of routine or the delicious-ness that seems to offer the satisfaction for my little love. I don’t even really care (I absolutely do) as the smile he beamed at me will forever be etched into my brain (that, and the fact he was fairly co-operative in getting out the door by 7.03am). 

We actually cheated on Dumpling Thursday with a one-off Yum Cha Wednesday lunch. I know you’re with me when you can’t understand why I’m struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle…but, when the boys are having a city adventure together for Grimace’s birthday, and they find themselves in China Town around lunchtime, who could resist the allure? 

Anyway, in a bid to regain a certain level of control over the week, I am tonight going to make our meal plan for the next week. It will more than likely include a roast dinner (that allows the leftovers to be bundled into another meal), a quick and easy salad and a pie or tart of some description. Tonight I’ll probs hang out a load of washing and nappies (hello hot summer weather) and then share a G n T with Grimace. 

Tonight’s commute home has been soundtracked by The Menzingers, where you can get tix to their Australian Tour if they tickle your fancy…I may just see you at their Sydney show 🙂

Enjoy the end to your week x   

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