don’t you just love technology

Monday just been was a sort of rostered day off work for me – I realised it had been a while since I had typed a piece for the old blog (read:I was procrastinating on probably house work), so I headed to the coffee shop to smash out a piece. I triumphantly put together what I think was a beautiful post (including all the editing), and instead of publishing it, I thought I would be responsible and upload the post (and the photos) over WiFi when I got home. Fast forward an hour, I get home to upload and what do you know, the draft post has completely disappeared. Poo.  

So instead of procrastinating further and perhaps re-typing a sub-standard post about the wonderful things Theverymoodyhousehold has had going on, I thought I’d share some other random things that are happening:

What I’m listening to:

  • Chris Farren (from Fake Problems) and his most recent release Can’t Die. It’s an easy listen, and with his unique lyrics and Como Rivers-esque voice, it’ll leave you tapping along with a smile. Highlight track of the album is Human Being. 
  • Cayetana and their 2014 release Nervous Like Me. This all girl band inspires me to keep searching for the ultimate chick-band. Bass lines that kick-ass, and the oh-so sweet voice of the lead singer Augusta Koch, this album comes highly recommended from Theverymoodyhousehold. I saw them live a few weeks back, and they seriously owned the set (and they weren’t even headlining). 
  • Camp Cope. It’s true; I’m in love with this all-girl band from Melbourne. I love what they are doing right now, and their tunes have become almost anthemic. I yell them or sing them (I think) sweetly – either way, they open up my heart and are an explict example of why I love music…Australian music at that! I’ve seen them live a few times now (one show much more intimate than the other), and I will do whatever I can do to get to more of their shows. 

What I’m cooking this week (ie. our weekly meal-plan):

  • Ground beef and vegetable noodles – Damn Delicious website
  • Orzo salad with grilled chicken (replace orzo with another grain/pasta) – simply delicious food website
  • Lamb, tomato and vegetable skewers –
  • Honey and soy chicken skewers with stir fried asian greens –

Snacks: Homemade muesli bars from One Handed Cooks, sans chocolate and more whole nuts/small amount of dried fruit.

Breakfast: Chia Pudding/Overnight Oats 

Exciting activity the coming weekend:

  • Date Night: Going to see Violent Soho/The Bronx/Luca Brasi (!!!!!!!!!!!) at The Horden Pavilion, Sydney on Saturday 29 October. The Bronx are a band that I have seen approximately one-trillion times, and it’s their high-energy set and loud Loud LOUD tunes that keep me coming back. Even though they aren’t the main band on the line up, I am sure they will steal the night. Luca Brasi are also a favourite in Theverymoodyhousehold, with Grimace quite often representing them in our attire or music selection. 

Until next time beautiful people xx

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