Dumpling Thursday again

I’ve shared the concept of Dumpling Thursday with you before, and I’m absolutely happy to report that we have continued this delicious concept. I’m currently enroute to our abode, transporting a whole bag-load of the delicious balls of goodness. Giggles Magoo awoke this morning with all sorts of grumbles, but they were quickly forgotten when he somehow remembered that Thursday = Dumpings. Needless to say, if getting a broody and angsty 4 year old out of bed involves dumplings, I am all for the tradition! Anything to get a smile (instead of a whinge) first thing. 

The only draw-back to Dumpling Thursday is the amount of packaging that comes with the purchase – 3 take away containers and a plastic bag (even though I ask for no plastic bag, the habit obviosuly runs strong in the shop from which I purchase, as they always come in a plastic bag)…we are building up quite a supply of takeaway containers; if we continue this tradition we will soon find our humble home inundated with the things. They do always come in handy, but there surely has to be a limit before I become crazy cotainer lady (Grimace may say I’ve already reached that status as we re-use any container that is able to be re-used). 

Thinking about it, I  would dearly love to (attempt) to make my own dumplings, as I’m led to believe they are actually quite easy to make. So, please – if you have a failsafe recipe, I would be stoked if you could share it with me. My limited google research tells me there a lot of recipes out there, but my indecision has made it difficult to know where to start. 
Theverymoodyhousehold has made a really large attempt to reduce our household waste (including consumption and usage), and it is a habit both Grimace and I are proud of. The realisation that our household can make a small difference in the the current consumer-driven world has in part helped me to identify my passion for sustainability in community practice. I also think I am finally starting to understand how this area of interest can drive my professional life – and it involves that old adage:Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s only taken me 11 years (or is it 12 years?) since graduating university to finally figure out what career-path I would like to pursue. 

But, for now, I’m smelling these delicious dumplings and just hoping this train will reach hyperspace speed so I can eat dinner with my three loves. Happy Dumpling Thursday to you all xx 

One thought on “Dumpling Thursday again

  1. Sadly I don’t have a dumpling recipe but I do have a plug for the course I’m doing through Coursera. . It’s called Our Energy Future and it’s run through University California. Approx 6 hours per week of online learning for 9 weeks. It’s brilliant! There are actually a few also offered through future learn that are focused in Australia but it’s a super important topic in our current climate & I think you would love learning about it. Stoked to hear about new ideas for career path! Go girl! 😉 (abound enjoy the dumplings!)


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