Thursday night = dumpling night

I think I’ve blogged before about how Thursday evenings are one of my favourite nights of the week. The best thing about them has recently become even better. I made the delicious discovery of a dumpling bar just near my work. In fact, it is absolutely on my walk to catch the train home…I am kicking myself for walking past it each work day over the last 3 or so years, and never having enough curiosty to think about what the store sells. I can’t get over the number of dumplings I have potentailly missed in my life…distraught!

Every single member of Theverymoodyhousehold can lay a claim in being the Biggest Dumpling Lover – when we have anything resembling a dumpling in the house, said item disapppears faster than the blink of an eye (I was really hoping to use a much cleverer descriptor here, but my brain went blank. Case in point with cleverer). We are (in)famous for traveling to a food market, just for the dumplings. Yum Cha is a well known meal with us, mostly for the access to dumplings and sticky pork buns.

After what can only be described as enlightenment, I’ve decided to embrace the dumpling store in all its glory and each Thursday collect some for the weary dinner that Thursday evenings always seem to produce. After 3 days at daycare, the boys are well and truly exhausted and emotionally fraught; I’m hoping that dumpings are a happiness cure all-round 🙂

Here’s to Thursday night, Dumpling Night. That’s a tradition I love the sound of : )

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