The Pub

The pub can be such a daunting place. I haven’t been a regular at any pub for near-on 5 years. Kids do that I suppose. 

Tonight I find myself in absolute luxury though, and straight from work I have headed to The Pub. Definitely not my local pub, but a pub nonetheless. As I am here by myself, I had to take a deep breath and find the confidence to walk in. What would I do in said pub (buy a drink). Where would I sit (where there was a spare table/seat). What would I talk about if someone spoke to me (general conversation normally flows pretty easily). What will people think of me sitting at the pub all on my lonesome (I realised Iactually don’t care). 

Of course it all seems so ridiculous to convince myself to walk into the pub – I have always loved the pub – I’m very good at the new-person-small-talk, the general good times had,  enjoying the random (or not so random band) playing…and that of course is why I find myself at a pub tonight. Grimace and I have a hot date with some bands…more specifically Camp Cope, Cayatena (I’ve probably spelt their name horribly incorrectly, but as I’ve taken on board one G & T, I’m far from caring) and headliners Pity Sex at Newtown Social Club. When I say hot date, I definitely don’t mean romantic  – I mean social adult time where there is not a child in sight, although as I write this, there is a child giggling happily away at The Pub. We are heading out with a few other friends (Steve & Bruce…I’m looking at you), but as neither of us are on parenting duties, it definitely qualifies as Date Night. Does that mean Bruce & Steve are also on date night?

I’m tossing up whether or not I attempt to write my first review of a live show for Theverymoodyhousehold blog (I cannot claim first live show review for Theverymoodyhouusehold…Grimace holds that tittle with the many he’s previously written. He likes to claim award-winning reviews, however I am yet to see any evidence of said-awards) – but I think it all depends on how many G & T’s I consume in my nervous state before the show. 

I have written on here before about how I cannot stop listening to Camp Cope – I hope I have helped their wage from Spotify increase exponentially (yeah, right) as I actually just listen to their album on repeat…for hours at a time. I love Georgia Maq’s vox, and her ability to mix up the content of a song and have it still make total sense. Being an Australian band, I am automatically attracted to their sound, but the fact that they are trying to make the music scene a safer place for females to attend…I may have a crush. 

Stay tuned – maybe I’ll do that review. 

2 thoughts on “The Pub

  1. Nice! You see camp cope & we see Luca Brasi in the same week! #aussiemusic ! (Pup are also awesome & I highly recommend you have another date night when they come to play sydney town soon!)

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