People say the darndest things

Actually, children say the most darndest things. More specifically, my four year old does – probably all four year olds do! Usually it is an insightful comment, usually an endearing something that leaves feelings of love and pride. I’ll let you decide where his latest comments sit on the Endearing Spectrum (it’s a real thing) – setting the scene for you:

Grimace is off chasing Little Mate up and down the stairs outside our local coffee haunt. Giggles Magoo is sitting beside me sipping on his frappe, I am sitting next to him – stooped down, with my arm around his shoulders (sneaking a cuddle while he sits still). 

Giggles Magoo reaches out and gently pokes my belly button (we quite often play this game with Little Mate. He thinks it is hilarious when he proudly pokes his own). Then he stands up and gives it a good rub and asks “Mummy, have you got another baby put inside your stomach? Is that why it keeps getting bigger?”. 

The question had been over heard by another coffee drinker who kindly (unsuccessfully) attempted  to supress her laugh into her coffee. Without flinching, I took the question and laughed it off, explaining that perhaps I hadn’t been eating enough all the time foods, and perhaps hadn’t been doing enough exercise since work took over my life. We talked about how I seem to be at home more often these days and that is probably because I am not at work as often anymore…and that means that now I can start doing more bushwalking and focusing on all the time foods. 

At the time I thought it was hilarious, but always looking for the beautiful side of my child (ah come on peeps, if I don’t, who will??), I’ve now come to the conclusion that he was in fact sharing one of his insights with me: Mummy’s tummy is growing a little bigger: last time it grew bigger, she had a baby in it. Does this mean she has one in there now? 

Needless to say I felt very proud to tell him all about the night time bushwalk Grimace and I had been on the night before. I’ll certainly be keeping him well informed about all my future bush walks and  my “all the time” food choices too!

I was even excited to talk to him about one of my study topics from the week – the topic was about a building/space in your city/town and why you feel it holds a sense of enchantment. I couldn’t go past the Lapstone Viaduct at Knapsack Reserve, Glenbrook. The spot holds a special place in my heart, mostly because of all the walking I’ve done under, over and around it. The bridge symbolises a lot in my life, and hopefully will keep inspiring me to get out and do the hard work to keep me fit and healthy (images below are courtesy of the internet) 

On a completely un-related note, here are some pics from our recent fathers day outing… we headed up to Gordon Falls Reserve at Leura for a picnic with the dads closely linked to Theverymoodyhousehold. It was a lovely day, and we did a…you guessed it, bushwalk! 

The view was spectatcular on the Gordon Falls to Leura Cascades walk, along the Prince Henry Cliff Top walk – it is a fairly easy walk and one I can highly recommend for young children – Giggles Magoo happily walked it all, even though he was zonked. We started at the Gordon Falls park, stopping at each of the lookouts to breathe the canyons in. 

Look at me… any opportunity to convince you that I’m doing lots of walking and definitely not having a baby anytime soon!

Happy thursday – see you in the bush đŸ˜›


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