Testing out the technology

So I picked up a new tablet today (ok, so technically Grimace did), and I’m just trialling it out! It’s one of those wanky I-have-a-keyboard-cover-so-all-I-have-to-do-is-whip-it-out-and-SNAP-its-open type ones. I got sick of typing all these blog posts on my phone…the typos really piss me off, and as much as I re-read and tried to edit the posts, I’d always find errors later (or not find them at all and have Grimace point them out). I should really remember to use spell-check, but instead I thought I’d just take the more excessive option and buy something I can transport around, attempt to withold from the children and probably eventually break… but at least all these words will be spelled correctly, right?!

Whilst I’m amazed at how easy it has been to plug into another device, it can be a little unsettling to think that all my personal deets are just hanging around out there…waiting for me (or some creepy info stealer) to plug in….

Blerrrrrggggghhhhh – Grimace jokes about how we should all wear tin-foil hats to stop “them” from listening. Alright, enough of the suspicion already. 

Enabling everything on said new tablet did remind me that I had previously set Giggles Magoo up with his own email account (mostly so he doesn’t have the shame of having his teen-stupity following him around through his early adult career – seriously, thresarepurple…what was I thinking???), and I’ve just spent a very lovely 5 mins recounting our evening to him in an email, that he’ll probably never read. As I was typing the email, gushing over the family time, I was envisaging him reading the email all misty-eyed and reflective about what an awesome mother he has – so insightful; so thoughtful to share the smaller, more commonplace moments. But as I finished sending the email I was struck by my own naivety … he’ll probably read it as a pesky 15 year old kid and think “why so lame?” and delete it. Aren’t our expectations funny things!

It has also prompted me into setting up an email account for Little Mate so he too does not need to be embarrased by his witty 15 year old self. 

The second reason, and probably the most important reason behind the tablet purchase was a recent enrolment in a MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) course being offered by UNSW – Re-enchanting The City – Designing The Human Habitat. As the course is all online (and free to boot!), I really need access to a reliable and easy to type on piece of equipment…. unfortunately, the laptop at home with multiple keys missing is just not cutting it (most annoying is the lack of space bar, yanked off by a crazed Little Mate). So, for around fours hours a week, across the next 6 weeks, I shall be engaging in some higher-order thinking and analysis of one of Sydney’s most invigorating spaces…Central Park. If you felt like playing along, you should – enrolments are still open (remember, Free! Online! Learning!) and we could chit-chat through our devices (see, any chance to play with my new toy!). I’m actually just mostly excited about engaging with a university again. Maybe it will lead to something more?! I was going to say only the future would know, but then again, I’m sure this tablet already knows my future.

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