For Grimace…the best theverymoodyhousehold Dad!

I ​got home from work last night to a really upset and angry Giggles Magoo (he’d had a fight with his bestie over football. Of all things). Little Mate had only slept for 30 mins after lunch, so he was a tantruming-snot filled mess. Grimace had taken the boys out of their car seats to come and meet me on the train station platform (because there is nothing more exciting than a trip in the lift), but of course due to the above 2 children factors, they were late and got onto the platform after the train had left – I was blissfully unaware that we were rendevousing on the platform (surprise!), so had sauntered on down to the car-park waiting bay. Waiting for my lift (still blissfully unaware of the chaos Grimace is enduring), I’m playing solitaire on my phone (because hello 1990’s) and over my deathly-loud headphones I hear two young children wailing. Without looking up, I think “oh that poor parent. Dinner time sucks with unhappy kids”. We all know there is nothing worse than screaming children in the evening. 

Alas, solitaire was calling – I didn’t look up to offer assistance to the poor parent. 

I feel a tug at my pants and I look down to find a screaming/snotty/somehow also smiling Little Mate there begging to be picked up. The crying kids were mine (And who said parenting couldn’t be glamorous?). 

Feeling like shit due to ridiculous amounts of sickness, all I could think was “bloody perfect”.

Enter my beau Grimace – he gets the entire family back into the car and drives us home – cool as a cucumber. He heats up Giggles Magoo’s fave dinner (Lasagne) and seems to rid all his woes. Little Mate is still screaming, still demanding all my attention. Grimace just smiles and then proceeds to take care of everything else that needs doing in the dinner/bath time/bed time routine so i could comfort the boys and heal their football-broken hearts. 

Then, once the blanket show was in full force, he made his way (in the wintery cold) to the local supermarket in order to stock me up on tissues & vitamins; made me up a tonic for my throat (apple cider vinegar) and then a smug-homemade tea (recipe from a mum-blog regaling her tales of good health due to THIS concoction…turns out, it was awesome and i feel a gazillion times better after using it again today). 

Finally, after the evening chores complete, the wife and children cared for, he sat down and opened his laptop to do an hour or so’s work. 


So, I am dedicating this blog post to my partner in crime, my cool-as-a-cucumber-in-the-face-of-adversity Main Man. Thank you Grimace for being you; thank you for your dedication to me, to the boys and to our family. You may not always feel the love or affection (although there is plenty of “affection” in those rumbles you have with the boys!), but Theverymoodyhousehold is everything with you in it. Happy Fathers Day  xx


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