Another weekend…another adventure 

Well, it appears Theverymoodyhousehold likes to adventure! The weekend just finished comprised of many an adventure – the beach, the city, the Manly Aquarium, Taronga Zoo, ferry trips, late nights, sunrises, new baby cuddles (albeit briefly due to Little Mate’s desire to swim), friends, Oxfam Trailwaker, olympics and lots of love. 

We’re extremely lucky to regularly have access to family accommodation around Manly, and as a parent, I’ve loved nothing more than developing our own little rituals when we stay. The days we spend around Manly and surrounds are definitely memory makers for our family of four. I almost can’t wait for the boys to throw these memories out in a reminiscing conversation once they’re older. Buy then, that’s sort of wishing the time away, isn’t it? I’m acutely aware that this apartment will form many of their happy childhood memories. 

My childhood holidays feel like they were spent singing “we all live in a yellow submarine” hurtling down the Hume Highway to spend sneaky weekend trips with family in Albury or Melbourne/surrounds (in our hideous yellow van that backfired all. the. time). Of course these memories are ones that I remember fondly, particularly all the cousin play and the car games – it just feels like we were frequently making the long drive! 

It’s the tradition of the family holiday that I love, and have certainly carried on into my adult years – always making time to take a weekends away with family and/or friends. I certainly hope to impart this with the boys, especially when we have such a wonderful tradition building around the Manly stay.

The weekend trip was planned around the Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker event – Grimace volunteered to act as support crew for a dedicated team of four. The event aim is for teams of four to complete 100km (Brooklyn to Balgowlah) through some of sydney’s most rugged bushland, whilst raising money for the amazing work Oxfam Australia does. This event is an absolute favourite of Theverymoodyhousehold, and while neither Grimace or I have competed recently, Grimace is inspirational in his passion and drive to support these amazing people. As it turns out, Team Western Motorcycles team rocked it and completed the course in a stunning 9th place (19 hours). Amazing stuff – If you’re interested you can donate to their team here or you can get along to their upcoming Roxfam show on Sep 9 in Marrickville to support their fundraising efforts (they’re aiming to reach $7500, a mean effort in itself).

I love this event with all of my heart – the concept is brilliant as it not only challenges people physically, it achieves it in such a way that the comrade rare is remembered more than the hurt the track inflicts on you (okay, so it’s been 6 years since I completed the event! Time has obvs healed all wounds!!), while raising money for my favourite charity.  I will do the event again one day (is 2017 the year? Probably not, but I’m hoping to support Grimace and his quest to participate in his fourth event) and I know this years event has added inspiration and deepened my adoration for getting out in the bush…and I didn’t even get to any checkpoints. 

While Grimace was attending to the legends that area Colin, Britta, Ian and Adam on Friday, I adventured with Giggles Magoo and Little Mate at the beach for the day – with a few visitors, of course! What’s a memory if you can’t share it with those you cherish? 

Grimace returned to us in the very early hours if saturday morning. When Giggles Magoo was sick of watching olympics (and i was sick of telling him to stay away from daddy…he was excited to hear all about trailwalker) and Grimace had caught up with a few hours sleep, we made our way to the Manly Ferry (and searched for a delicious coffee). We were headed to the city to purchase an early father’s day present (the Osprey baby carrier). Little Mate thought the ferry trip was the best thing he’s ever been able to do – so many people to smile at, so many places to explore and so many boats to wave to. 

After the excitement that was the ferry trip, Little Mate passed out in the pram – so we hit the MCA cafe for a champagne (adults)/strawberry milkshake (Giggles Magoo) brunch and a geez at the beautiful area that is The Rocks/Circular Quay/Sydney Harbour Bridge/Opera House. Highly recommend the dumplings! 

After we’d made the Osprey purchase we climbed back aboard the ferry – bound for the Manly Aquarium…and an ice cream treat.  It was the best watching the kidlets guzzle the sugary goodness of sorbet and then run wild at the aquarium. Another great spot – plenty of fish, sharks, penguins, manta rays etc etc… and it’s small enough that it’s not overwhelming.  

After the aquarium outing we were looking for an early dinner – and after a week of day-care olympics, Giggles Magoo (who had competed for Japan…Javelin champion!)  put in a special request for Japanese. We sussed out one restaurant away from the hustle and bustle of the Manly  Corso, and dined on more delicious dumplings (and Ramen). 

We’d planned a trip to Taronga Zoo for the sunday – and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The cracking weather obviously helped, particularly with Sydney as the background… it certainly is an exciting place to be! Highlights for the fam bam were pthe snakes, giraffes, chimps, gorillas, lemurs, elephants, seal show and the sky safari back up the hill.

Two very happy and tired boys…come to think of it, four very tired and satisfied people come sunday evening. 

I wonder what adventures the next weekend will have in store? Xx 

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