Spring is in the air

Life can be such a funny thing. A wonderful, funny thing, but it always needs to be laughed at (And I mean laughed at in a good way, not in a bitter/degrading way). 

Just like that, the waves of normality are flooding through Theverymoodyhousehold. The normal amounts of love, tears, time and clothes washing have returned…and I couldn’t be happier. Over the weekend, I found time to just “be” with the boys one on one; I found time to wash enough clothes for all of China; I found enough time to spend with one of my closest humans (and her beautiful children…at the park); I found enough time to meal plan, shop and cook meals for the week; I found enough time to chat with my Deutch-sister and my northern-Australian sister and to find out how their last few months have traveled; I found enough time to spend with my dad and revel in the laughter he causes; best of all…we found space for another TheverymoodyhouseholdADVENTURE. 

Sydney’s weather has somewhat improved since my last post, and when the weatherman (ie. The Weatherzone App) told me Sunday was going to be glorious, Grimace and I agreed to take full advantage. We have both bemoaned our current fitness level (lack thereof rather), so hitting the trail seemed the best option… activity outside on a glorious springtime day, while spending time as a family unit = winning. 

We hit the road by 830am (since children, it’s unheard of in our household on a sunday to be up and out the door pre-midday. Just impossible for some reason), grabbed a coffee from Zac at Cassiopea in Springwood and headed up the Mountain for the classic Undercliff loop walk via The Conservation Hut at Wentworth Falls. 

As a side note, You’ll all be pleased to read that I didn’t require a helicopter rescue with this walk. In fact, I didn’t even fall over! I took great delight in regaling the boys with my rescue/broken foot story from 2010 during a walk at the same location – for any of you yet to hear the story, I’ll save it for another time. Giggles Magoo has since interrogated me about why a helicopter was necessary, but I maintain its necessity. The highway patrol police officers that were despatched to carry me up the one billion stairs would also agree, I’m sure. 
Giggles Magoo wasn’t overly pleased about having to walk (his preference was to be carried – much like a king), which meant Little Mate happily sat in the carrier…anything to help set big brother off! Nonetheless, Giggles Magoo thoroughly enjoyed all 3 hours of the walk, only needing a shoulder ride up a small section of steps. 

I have distinct memories of bushwalking as a young child, and the happiness and freedom I felt being out in the wilderness; not much has changed…except my age and the walking buddies. You can imagine my satisfaction when both offspring also seem to revel in the outdoors. I read somewhere once that if you’re going to take kids walking, make sure they have a buddy of similar age – and while I agree, taking friends walking infinitely increases the distance a child can walk, (complaint free), we seem to be able to encourage Giggles Magoo to walk without too much influence.

While the walk isn’t particularly hard, it is set in a beautiful part of the world (that allows for more challenging extensions if you prefer) for a comfortable 3 hour walk (at kids pace). Our fitness levels definitely weren’t challenged, but our family dynamic hugely benefited the time. It is definitely our intention to keep bushwalking with the boys, building their tolerance to longer walks. I’m excited at the prospect of attempting The National Pass walk (one of my all-time faves to the base of Wentworth Falls and along the Jamison Valley floor) with the boys in the not too distant future, but then, here’s hoping I can actually complete the ascent, helicopter-free!

With spring in the air, the days are getting longer. Work life has been funneled back into balance (just where it should be) and I’m feeling more content as the hours pass. Xx 

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