Things to look forward to

2016 has offered up a hectic pace thus far, and of course I’m loving it (mostly, anyway…when I ignore the exhaustion and look for the coffee). 

Coming home on the train this evening I’ve been thinking about a few very exciting events that are taking place during the second half of the year, just to help take the edge off current state of chaos. I’m thinking about a lot of things that will replace the current work vortex I appear to have disappeared into…

Live shows and upcoming tours that I’ll actually be able to get to (pending baby sitters, good health etc etc) including, but not limited to:  

-Violent Soho/The Bronx et al 

– I Love Life Festival

– Camp Cope

– The Frontbottoms 

– Tex Perkins and the Tennessee Four playing Johnny Cash songs on cockatoo island (!!!!!) 

(please comment with any Sydney shows for the back end of the year). Hello live music world! 

Theverymoodyhousehold takes on the Gold Coast July 2016 (more specifically, the hinterlands) and seeing some of my favourite people (I’m looking at you bionic man and The Krooked Spoon).

A very dear friend’s hens weekend away followed very closely by her wedding. It’s always wonderful celebrating the love people have for one another, their future and of course, doing it with their community. I do love a wedding, not to mention the champagne. I’ll have all the champagne, please. 

Reverting to part time at work – I might actually have time to do adult things, like washing, groceries, pay bills etc etc. Or maybe, read a book or learn how to write a blog **ahem. 

Footy finals (and the return of cricket season, in particular the T20). Come on swannies, looking good! (As an update since writing this post, the red and white lost by 5 points to the Hawks 😣)

The second birthday season (we all have friends and family that just seem to congregate their days of birth around the same few dates…April and November for us).

Spring/Summer and all the outdoor adventures and social activities come with the warmer weather.

The C word (Christmas…come on, you were all thinking it).

Playing with these cool cats:

With all this to look forward to, I think I’m sitting pretty xx 

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