The fourth day of the week (we all know the first day of the week is Monday. Any of you “Sunday is the first day” kind of people can shhhhhhh). 

Things I love about Thursdays – it starts with T (obviously the best letter); the next day is Friday; the sense of anticipation around the fun times the weekend will offer; late night everything; my cook book session to meal plan; evening dance off’s with Giggles Magoo and Little Mate after days at work/care; house cleaning by our awesome cleaner (every second Thursday anyway). I could go on and on about how good Thursdays are, but you already know how good they are 😉.

Personally, it’s a favourite night of the week as Grimace and I attempt to relinquish as many adult responsibilities as possible to relax just a little and maybe take in something on the box. It doesn’t always work out, as you know -children. But, we do strive to make it happen. At the moment we’ve been consuming ABC iview to keep up to speed with Rake; or using Google Play to stream Vinyl (the Jagger/Scorsese/HBO series). I can definitely recommend both! 

I’d love to get a few recommendations from you on which series to watch. Or which books to read; I’m feeling a little liberated from the work responsibilities that have consumed me (could have to do with my early finish time today…it was the earliest I’ve had for a looong time) and I’m ready to reintegrate with society/the family. 
Anyway, Thursdays are the best. May yours bring you the same sense of relief. Mine is currently taking me to these two ❤😆

What does your Thursday entail? 

4 thoughts on “Thursday 

  1. Happy Thursday to you mate!

    Re series: we loved Deutschland 83 and The Fall, got lost in a bunch of Nordic Noir (The Bridge, The Killing etc), and of course are House of Cards and True Detective fans (like everyone). Making a Murderer was compulsive but very frustrating viewing.

    Re reading: I’ve been churning through heaps lately, admittedly a lot of it easy reading. The Girls was quite good, as was Before The Fall, All The Missing Girls (this season’s Gone Girl, apparently…although it seems there’s a new Gone Girl every month), The Poison Tree and The Kind Worth Killing. All are easy suspense-ish sort of books and were great to churn through. Stephen King’s 11.22.63 was also a great read (not at all Stephen King-ish, and there is also a series out for it too with James Franco in it which we quite liked). For heavier reading everyone is into This Little Life, which was worth the read although I really did not find it believable (the writing was lovely, though). I am currently reading both Purity by Jonathan Franzen (it’s quite good too but very…Jonathan Franzen) and The Nightingale which was recommended to me by a friend and it’s a nice read thus far. I’m always interested in reading tips so let me know what you choose and send any recs my way!

    Our Thursday is being spent avoiding naps (Adelaide) and packing for Chamonix (me) – we’re off to see the penultimate TDF stage this weekend! Very exciting except the packing is mainly wet weather gear as we’re in for storms apparently. Hope you guys have a fab one xx


    • TDF?!?!!!! I was only wondering out loud last night if you guys would get to see a stage somewhere. Where are you staying in cham-town?

      You’re such a great resource for books and shows, I should just use you as my guide all the time! I’ve added the series you mentioned to my ‘want’ list…it’ll take me the best part of forever to get through one! It seems cousins are experts at attempting to evade sleep; i have one now just chattering away to me…it’s waaaau past bed time! Kisses and hugs to you swissnoltells xo

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  2. We’ll be in Morzine which is apparently where that stage finishes. It’s Tim’s birthday pressie – we’re staying in a nearby chalet and hopefully we’ll get to see some to the other nearby attractions!

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  3. Definitely loved Deutschland 83 too @doubleyewjay ! Uncle Roboat and I thought it was very well done! Thanks also for the book list! Will add these to mine, as now I have a library card! 🙂


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