Hello again

It’s like another introduction… an expected escalation of work content and intensity has seen my brain completely close off any thoughts that resemble ‘normal’ way of life. And while it was anticipated, I had not anticipated the brain-fatigue I would experience. My hat goes off to those people who seemingly juggle full-time work-place roles, along with with the very happy and satisfied family. 

Our family is definitely still happy; and I suppose work is also a happy place…but, geez i have to tell you, I just don’t seem cut out to play mum, commuting-fulltime-employee, blog-writer, wife, friend/socialiser etc etc… and as I sit here and wait for Giggles Magoo to drift off so I can scoff another 9pm dinner, I’m thinking “well duh!!!!”. What moron thought the above combination was achievable?! Me, of course – and in normal scenarios, I probably go alright. But leaving home at 7am and not getting back home until around 9pm for days and days and days…well, that’s just enough to throw anybody out of balance. 

I’ve simply stopped writing my little entries; I’ve just not had the energy to entertain any delusions of a life outside of my employment/mum status. Don’t get me wrong, there have been moments (days even) that have resembled ‘normal function’ however as they are very scarce, every moment in these cherished days is spent reconnecting to my beautiful boys.

The saving grace is that this intensity of workload is for a relatively short time frame.  Hopefully by the end of the month of July, Theverymoodyhousehold will be back to normal working hours and my cognitive thoughts will be unlocked from this sad-excuse-for-a-writer and spill out onto paper/electronic device. 
In the meantime…I’ll keep drinking coffee for everyone. And I mean everyone

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