It feels like Christmas eve

I’m feeling the excitement, the buzz you normally only have for Christmas eve. Most of my siblings have been living far, far away for a while now and for whatever reason…. they are all converging in town today – well, all except my bro (I’ll sadly miss him; although he snuck a visit a month or so ago).

The excitement is intense. I was lucky enough to sneak a coffee date with two of the special souls this morning, which has only added to the anticipation.

I’m. Actually. Going. To. See. My. Family.  Like, real actual face-to-face, not through a computer, family time. The buzz is real!

Work was insanely busy today (including a finger/staple injury to my colleague), and I am incredibly grateful to be given some time (even if it’s only an hour early mark) to spend with them. We’ll pick up Giggles Magoo and Little Mate for some Aunty/Uncle cuddle time, and tomorrow we’re planning on overcoming their European winter by visiting the beach. 

Impending adventures mean I’ll surely have another #familyfunday post to come.

Welcome home xx


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