Hello sanity

I owe my current state of whelms to three very important people:
1. My superhero mumma-best friend who took Giggles Magoo to celebrate a dear friend’s 4th birthday
2. My coffee guy Will (or kevin as we call him… he looks remarkably like Kevin Bacon) and his Large FW
3. Dan Andriano and his acoustic album: Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room- Hurricane Season (check him out through the internets or a streaming service)


Combine these three factors with a sleeping Little Mate and I was gifted a 15 minute blissful seat on my back steps in the sun. The perfect amount of time to reflect on recent activities and those coming up. I felt the chaotic pace of life slow right down, and I felt really centred again.

The last few months have seen Theverymoodyhousehold on the go. Very busy work days for both Grimace and I, a few interruptions by lurgies/infections, lots of birthdays and celebrations, throw in a few trips away, public holidays, fantastic visits from family and you’ve got a recipe for disaster (or just a change to the usual pace of life).

All of the things I listed above, with the exception of the sickness part, are things I look forward to. I love taking advantage and creating experiences and  memories, but I’ve found the trick is to intersperse some down time to keep a little balance in life. A walk in the bush. A bike ride. Some time to sit still/quietly without any interruptions (or phones on hand). These down times create space in my life and help me to keep in touch with how I’m feeling. As we’ve been so varied in our activities and pace of life recently, I’ve found it really hard to find this space. Today I was definitely feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of fitting everything in on my day’s to-do list.

I mentioned in my last blog post that my siblings were all arriving. It has been just wonderful to spend time with each of them, but of course the time I spend with them cannot magically appear – it needs to be taken from the times where boring household things are done… cooking, washing, nappy folding, etc. It just all eventually catches up… and that was this morning. While there is no epic breakdown story to be told, there was recognition that I needed to slow down.

It was amazing how good I felt after my little breather. I felt all set to tackle what life threw at me.

Fast forward 3 hours and whilst not overwhelmed, a little underwhelmed describes my state of mind a little better…  thanks to a gastro bug, theverymoodyhousehold is now laid up at home instead of cheering on the red and white with a few favourites. And my coffee grinder is broken. Happy Saturday

Ps. I should also mention a small phone call/counselling session with Grimace also helped the perspective.

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